Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Has A Great New Teaser Trailer

The Chinese Room’s latest game is shaping up wonderfully, and the devs promise that more info is on the way.

Developer The Chinese Room has released a new teaser trailer for their intriguing new game called Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, with more information coming soon.

The game is a first-person adventure game that is coined as a spiritual successor to The Chinese Room’s Dear Esther. It is set around six characters in a post-apocalyptic world who each tell their own story, which are each connected to major landmarks. Basically, it’s a story about how people live with each other after the end of the world.

The game’s co-director said the following:

“Rapture is going to be really different, an apocalypse like no other, and we think it’s going to be good.”

He also shared a beautiful music clip from the game, which you can stream below via Soundcloud.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is co-developed by The Chinese Room and SCE Sony Santa Monica Studio exclusively for PlayStation 4 and will launch this Summer. Check out the teaser trailer below. 

Check Out The “Silent Night” Trailer For ‘The Order: 1886’

The Order: 1886 devs wish give you season’s greetings with this creepy trailer.

Well doesn’t this trailer just get you in the Christmas spirit? Sony has released a new trailer for The Order: 1886, this one including a creepy rendition of the classic song, “Silent Night”. It’s more than just a little unsettling, especially coupled with all of the disturbing imagery throughout the video. Check it out below. 

The video also reveals a promotion where you get the Knight’s Arsenal DLC pack for free if you pre-order the game, so if you’re planning on buying it day one you may want to consider pre-ordering. I want this game to be great as Sony really needs a great exclusive for the PlayStation 4, but the word of mouth from preview events has been mixed and lead to some delays. Hopefully the devs took those criticisms to heart and improved the gameplay, as the setting and graphics look phenomenal.

The Order: 1886 is developed by Ready At Dawn and SCE Sony Santa Monica Studio exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It is set to launch on February 20th, 2015.