Dementium Developer Taking Fan Advice For Remaster Improvements

The criminally underrated DS horror game, Dementium: The Ward, is getting a remaster on 3DS. Renegade Kid head Jools Watsham took to twitter recently to call for requests for improvements made to the remastered version of the game.

This is one of the tweets posted by the developer:

“We’re making these changes to Dementium: Adding manual save spots. Enemies no longer respawn. Adding aim sensitivity option. Any requests?”

I really loved Dementium: The Ward when I got around to playing it a few years ago, and honestly the save system and enemy respawns were probably the only two major problems I had with it. The atmosphere was incredibly tense and ominous, while the enemies and locations were dreary and bleak. This is definitely a survival horror game that any fan of the genre should check out if they haven’t already.

An Enhanced Re-release Of ‘Dementium’ Is Coming To 3DS

The first Dementium game is making its way to 3DS with some new bells and whistles.

Dementium: The Ward is one of the finest titles on the DS, bringing horror FPS action to a system that typically shied away from that genre. However, due to developer Renegade Kid not having the rights to the series they couldn’t continue beyond one sequel.

However, after recently reacquiring the rights they are moving ahead with the series on 3DS. Before that happens, however, they have just revealed that they will be releasing an enhanced version of the first game on 3DS. This game will run at 60 FPS, feature 3D support, tone down some of the game’s “unfair” segments while a “hardcore mode” is also being considered.

An official release date for the game was not revealed, but Renegade Kid says to expect it sometime midway through 2015.

‘Dementium’ Developer Renegade Kid Reacquires Rights To Series

More Dementium is now free to be developed by Renegade Kid.

Developer Renegade Kid released two Dementium games for the DS in 2007 and 2010 that both offered solid horror FPS action for DS owners, though after theose games released there were some legal issues that resulted in Renegade Kid losing the rights to the series. This, of course, stifled all plans for proposed sequels going forward on the 3DS and other platforms.

However, that has all changed, as Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham has taken to twitter to announce that the series is back in the developer’s hands.

Watsham posted the following on twitter:

“I am ecstatic to announce that Renegade Kid now has the rights to create Dementium sequels! EXCITE!! Dementium sequels were tied up with previous publisher. But, no more! :)”

This is great news, as Dementium is a great game that delivered some really creepy levels and enemies. It made it even better that it was on the Nintendo DS, a platform that normally didn’t get such mature games as Dementium. It would be great to see a sequel could do on the 3DS that properly utilized the system’s 3D feature to create an even creepier experience.

‘Moon Chronicles’ Starts Floating This Week

This week the DS game Moon will be getting an episodic 3DS revamp in the form of Moon Chronicles. It’s being released in 4 parts, and the first part releases on the 3DS eShop on May 15th.

The first episode contains the first 4 episodes and 6 training missions which will cost $8.99. All other episodes will contain 3 chapters apiece and will cost $1.99 each.

Moon originally released for the DS on January 13th, 2009.

Renegade Kid Reveals FPS ‘Moon Chronicles’ For 3DS

FPS action on a Nintendo handheld? SIGN ME UP!


Rumors had been swirling for a while lately about video game developer Renegade Kid releasing a remake of DS first-person shooter Moon, as last week a trademark was filed for a game called Moon Chronicles. Well, now the company has confirmed the rumors and announced that Moon Chronicles will be hitting the 3DS eShop this spring. Continue reading “Renegade Kid Reveals FPS ‘Moon Chronicles’ For 3DS”