The Pre-Order Trailer For Rare Replay Is Adorable

Rare Replay is gearing up to hit store shelves next month, and now Xbox has released a pre-order trailer to remind everyone why they need to buy this thing ASAP.

In the trailer we get a nice little song recap of most of the things Rare has created over the past 30 years (minus the crappy Kinect games) with dozens of Rare characters as cardboard cutouts. It’s charming, it’s funny and it really brings on the nostalgia. Check out the video directly below.

Rare Replay launches exclusively for the Xbox One on August 4th and will cost $30.

The Massive File Size Of Rare Replay Has Been Revealed

During Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference they announced a new game called Rare Replay, which collects 30 games developed by Rare with a ridiculously cheap price tag of $30. However, with there being 30 games on this thing people were wondering just how much space it all would be taking up on their already overflowing Xbox Ones.

Rare Replay

Well, the file size for the entire package has been revealed and it is massive. If you were to download every game in the package it would take up over 50 GB of space on your hard drive, though luckily you don’t have to download it all at once. You will need to download the games that were not available digitally on Xbox 360 on their own, which will equal to just over 11 GB. However, the rest of the game’s will simply be added to your download queue and you can initiate them whenever you’re ready for them.

Rare Replay is launching exclusively for the Xbox One on August 4th.

Rare’s Next Game Is Called Sea Of Thieves

Rare has just revealed its next game and it is called Sea of Thieves, which is a pirate-themed open sea Xbox One exclusive.

While no official details were released, the gameplay trailer showed off a very colorful world filled with plenty of exploration and swashbuckling. Check out the trailer below.

Rare Expected To Announce New Game At E3

Almost as if a response to Yooka-Laylee’s Kickstarter success, Rare has let loose the news that an announcement is coming at E3.

Seeing as Playtonic Games (which consists of major members of Rare) have the Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee on the way, it seems only fitting that their original company would also be gearing up to announce something big.

The news hasn’t been made official, but a tweet from Rare creative director Simon Woodroffe claims an announcement from Rare is coming at E3. His account is privacy protected, but IGN claims that the tweet says that, “E3 will tell the world what Gregg Mayles new project is about.”

He was then questioned about whether the game was an original IP or an existing one, and he replied with, “All I can give here is a quote from the man himself, ‘This is more fun than anything we’ve ever done.’

It would be great to hear that Rare is working on a new big game rather than another Kinect sports title, which seems to be all that Microsoft has been letting them do for the past several years. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see at next month’s E3.

Xbox Doesn’t Want The Rare Brand To Only Mean ‘Kinect Sports’

Rare is capable of so much more than Kinect Sports…

I think just about everyone who is able to hold a video game controller knows that, when Microsoft acquired Rare back in the early 2000’s, the company never lived up to their past successes. This company’s last few games developed are Kinect Sports,Kinect Sports: Season Two and Kinect Sports Rivals.

Pretty smelly, right?

Well, these are the same dudes that were once responsible for such classics as the Donkey Kong Country series, Golden 007, and Banjo Kazooie, to name a few. So, what in God’s name has happened to this once-great developer?

Who knows and he won’t tell me.

However, Xbox head Phil Spencer has gone on record that the once great developer Rare will not remain a creator of only Kinect games. He said the following to CVG at Gamescom:

“I think it’s about them thinking about the next game that’s going to be the next ‘Rare game’ and really stand for what they are. I know they’ve got some great ideas. I’ve not been up to Twycross for maybe six months, but I’m planning on getting up there this fall and seeing bits for the new game. But I know they’re hard at work and Phil Harrison has been up talking to them.”

He goes on to conclude that can be much more than Kinect devs:

“I don’t want the Rare brand to mean Kinect Sports. The Rare brand can be more valuable to them, to us and to gamers than that.”

I think just about anyone on planet Earth would rather have another actual Rare game along the lines of Banjo Kazooie than another crappy Kinect game, so the fact that Xbox will at least acknowledge that that isn’t where they want the developer to remain is good news. Considering the kinect has just been dropped from a new version of Xbox One consoles, maybe the focus is coming off Kinect and this will give them more time to work on something worthwhile.

I hope.

News Judgment – Rare Claims Fans Don’t Want Sequels To Classic Games

Rare was one of the most awesome developers in the 90’s, releasing hits like GoldenEye 007, Banjo Kazooie and Diddy Kong Racing amongst others. However, once they were bought by Microsoft, their string of games since then has been nothing all that impressive. Speaking with GameSpot, the head of Rare Craig Duncan is “unsure it’s really what they want,” when talking about remakes or sequels to some of the classic games mentioned above.

Condemn (OR) Condone:

This guy can’t be serious. Is he really assuming that a sequel / remake for games like GoldenEye and Banjo Kazooie would not be wanted by millions of people? Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds like this guy is out of the loop.

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