The PS+ Version Of ‘Driveclub’ May Never See The Light Of Day

A free PS+ version of Driveclub was supposed to launch right when the game came out last year, but it has now been 3 months and it is still nowhere to be seen.

Now, in an interview with GameCentral SCEE President and CEO Jim Ryan shed some light on the prospects of the PS+ version, and it ain’t looking good. Due to the game’s awful launch that was riddled with bugs, there is still no word on when or if this version will ever happen. Ryan said the following in the interview:

“GC: Can you talk precisely about what changes occurred after the Driveclub launch? Did you put new QA policies in place? Did you tell third parties to clean up their own act?

JR: We have two roles to play, right? We are a publisher of content in our own right and we are the platform holder who overlays a level of what is called format QA. Obviously the lessons that we learnt in the context of Driveclub were many and painful, and will be applied internally in the context of every first party title that we publish going forward.

PR guy: Have you played Driveclub recently?

GC: I don’t really like serious racing games, so I don’t personally have much of an opinion about the game itself.

PR guy: If you play it now it’s really living up to its expectations.

GC: I understand that you did a lot better than some in addressing the situation, but that was still three months. And… is there still going to be the free PlayStation Plus version?

JR: That’s still being looked at.

GC: You can’t guarantee that it will ever happen?

JR: I can’t say anything at this stage.”

So, if you were holding out for that PS+ version I wouldn’t get my hopes up. While the game is certainly making progress, I think the interest in the game has pretty much died off completely. It’s all well and good that they’re trying to fix it, but the fact of the matter is that it should not have been broken at launch. A video game’s launch is by far the most important time in terms of both sales and reception, and if it disappoints during that time then everyone is just going to move on.

Check Out The Free Games Coming To PS Plus In December 2014 Right Here

Sony has come up with a truly impressive list of free games for PS+ subscribers next month.

Sony has revealed the lineup of the free games that will be coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers in December, and its a very impressive list of games. The games range across all of Sony’s current platforms, and will be yours to keep as long as you download them in December and remain an active PS+ subscriber.

Sony posted the following on the PlayStation Blog:

“The weather is getting colder, which means two things: 1) It’s time for delicious food and 2) it’s time to hibernate with video games.”

I completely agree, so without further ado, here are the free games that will be available to PS+ subscribers starting December 2nd:

PlayStation 4

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Secret Ponchos
  • Titan Attacks!

PlayStation 3

  • Hitman HD Trilogy
  • Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut
  • Titan Attacks!

PlayStation Vita

  • Final Horizon
  • Titan Attacks!