PC Gamers Are Unknowingly Revealing They Pirated ‘Far Cry 4’

PC gamers are unintentionally turning themselves in!

So, it’s not exactly a secret that the majority of PC gamers pirate games, much to the dismay of many a game developer. Well, Ubisoft Montreal Creative Director Alex Hutchinson has gone and pulled a genius move that is both penalizing and outing those filthy pirates.

Many people on twitter are complaining that the game doesn’t contain field of view options like its supposed to, though legitimate copies of the game will connect to the internet and receive a patch that enables that option. Thus, all those who are complaining about the option being missing are actually unintentionally admitting that they pirated the game.

Far Cry 4 is developed by Ubisoft Montreal for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.