Phantom Dust Won’t Be At Gamescom, But Microsoft Is Still Committed To It

The development of Phantom Dust has hit some serious road bumps, so much so that the game has fallen pretty much completely off the radar in recent months. When asked if the game would be making an appearance at the upcoming Gamescom event, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that it would not.


However, he also reiterates that they are committed to making the game come to fruition, though the timeline for when that might happen is anyone’s guess. The game’s original developer Darkside is no longer attached to the project after having a falling out with Microsoft, but reports claim that this game is a project that Phil Spencer is very adamant about.

If you haven’t already, consider checking out the leaked gameplay footage of the version of the game developer Darkside was working on before things went south directly below.

Gameplay Footage Of Xbox One-Exclusive ‘Phantom Dust’ Leaked

Check out some gameplay of the intriguing remake of Phantom Dust.

The Xbox One re-imagining of the Xbox original Phantom Dust has been in development for a while now, but the game’s development studio, Darkside Games, recently shut down. However, Kotaku has “leaked” gameplay footage of the game from a “source who worked on the game”.

Even though Darkside Games shut down, Microsoft did confirm that the game is still in development and they would share more information closer to the game’s release date. The original game came out in 2005, and the plan was to remake the game while also streamlining it and adding some new things.

Kotaku’s source said the following of the development process:

“Over time that turned into ‘remake Phantom Dust,’ so that was our goal for the last half of development. We were going to update and streamline a very dated game (especially their menu system and horribly paced single player), but otherwise it was going to be a reboot/remake. I’d say we were probably trending towards an 85% remake, 15% new.”

The gameplay footage is currently running exclusively on Kotaku, unfortunately, so click this link here to check out the video with gameplay footage for the new Phantom Dust. It looks pretty sweet!