Naughty Dog Still Hasn’t Figured Out What The Last Of Us 2 Will Be Like

The Last of Us was back in the headlines recently as a sequel to the game was being mentioned as in-development by developer Naughty Dog. However, Naughty Dog has clarified what is actually going on with the The Last Of Us 2 and it isn’t nearly as reassuring as some fans would hope.

Neil Druckmann had a chat with official PlayStation Magazine regarding the rumors, to which he said the following:

“When Bruce and I moved over to Uncharted 4, we were brainstorming ideas for The Last Of Us 2 with new characters; ideas for The Last Of Us 2 with Joel and Ellie; ideas for a sci-fi game; ideas for a fantasy game, and building prototypes for each one of those ideas. And just as we were getting close to settling or narrowing that list down, we were asked to work on Uncharted 4.”

He goes on to suggest that conversations regarding The Last Of Us 2 have not happened in a while and probably won’t for a while longer:

“You know, there’s a part of me that’s really looking forward to going back to those things, but I have no cycles left in my mind even to be thinking about that right now! So, I guess [Nolan North] was kind of right in that we were working on stuff, but we don’t know what we’re doing next and we won’t know until probably a few months after we finish Uncharted 4.”

Hear A Clip Of Nolan North As The Ghost In Destiny

It was recently revealed that Nolan North would be replacing Peter Dinklage as the ghost from Destiny in not only the upcoming Taken King expansion, but also re-recording everything Dinklage already did. Bungie claims this is due to future scheduling conflicts with Dinklage and their desire to have consistency in the game.

Well, thanks to the above teaser for the Taken King we now have our first brief clip of what Nolan North sounds like as the Ghost. As far as I can judge from this clip it isn’t all *that* different, but definitely less monotone. Then again, this is coming from a guy who had no problem whatsoever with Dinklebot and didn’t understand the huge backlash he was getting at the time.

The Taken King is set to be released next month on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.