Shovel Knight Amiibo Gracing The USA Next Month

Not long after I posted the news that information regarding the highly-anticipated Shovel Knight Amiibo was on the way the info was released by Yacht Club Games! The news was revealed on the Yacht Club Games website, where they announced that the Shovel Knight amiibo will launch in North America on January 8th for $12.99.

It’s a bummer that the amiibo won’t be launching in time for Christmas as it would have made an excellent gift for many people, but the decision apparently came down to supply and demand. They could have released the amiibo early, but they wouldn’t have been able to release enough of them and that would have upset even more people who missed out on it.

As for what the amiibo will do for you, it will unlock a ton of content for the game on both Wii U and 3DS. You can create and customize your own knight and leveling him up by gaining treasure, and it’ll also be compatible with the co-op mode exclusive to Wii U.


Some new challenge maps will be added to both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, while the 5 new co-op maps will (obviously) only be available for the Wii U version.

Have Another Look At Linkle In The New Hyrule Warriors Legends Video

Yes, the whole Linkle thing is really happening and a female version of Link will be playable for the new Hyrule Warriors Legends game for the 3DS. If the first look wasn’t extensive enough for you then I’ve got you covered, as a new video has been released that shows a bit more of the more feminine Link.

As for how Linkle stands out from Link, she is a more nimble character and utilizes two crossbows. She doesn’t hit as hard as her male counterpart, but speed players will definitely have a lot more fun playing as her. She joins Skull Kid, Tetra and the King of Red Lions as new characters being added to the Hyrule Warriors roster.

Hyrule Warriors Legends launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on January 21st, 2016. An official release date for the USA version of the game has not been disclosed as of the publication of this article.

New Splatoon Tournament Starts This Wednesday

Nintendo’s hit ink shooter is still going strong with regularly updated new content and a strong install base, and now Nintendo is bringing everyone another major event to keep the good times rolling.

Splatoon Tournament

Nintendo of America has announced on twitter that a new Nintendo Treehouse Splatoon tournament (or “Splatournament”) is kicking off this Wednesday at 11am PDT. The tournament is a 6-team double elimination that goes through multiple stages before a team is eventually crowned a winner.

You’ll be able to watch the tournament through YouTube, Twitch or Nintendo’s official website.

Nintendo’s NX Console Expected To Sell Around 10 Million Units Next Year

We don’t even have an official name yet for Nintendo’s Wii U successor, but that isn’t stopping those in the industry from making some estimations on how popular it will be.

The Taiwanese site, Digitimes, has gone on record saying that component suppliers expect that Nintendo’s new console will sell 10-12 million units in 2016. This goes against the 20 million that Nintendo is proposing, which makes sense because the vast majority of people will be cautious with the successor to the disappointing Wii U.

Mass production of the console is expected to begin in Q2 of next year, which seems to line up perfectly with what could be a major announcement at E3 2016. However, keep in mind that Nintendo has been very tight-lipped on this new system and all of this is purely speculation up to this point.

Replacement Wii U Gamepads Coming To The USA? Japan’s Selling Them Now

One of the biggest mysteries with the Wii U is that the game’s main controller, the gamepad, is only sold with the system itself. That’s right – if you happen to damage or break the controller in anyway then you are forced to buy another system entirely.

That’s a pretty ridiculous concept when you really think about it, but hopefully that could be changing worldwide very soon. The official Japanese Nintendo online store has announced that you can now purchase individual Wii U gamepads for your system if you so desire, costing 12,800 Yen. For us non-Yen using folks, that comes out to about $115 USD or £75 GBP.

Nintendo, please make this a reality worldwide, because I love the Wii U and am pretty paranoid about looking at the gamepad the wrong way for this exact reason. Paying over $100 for a replacement ain’t cheap, but at least it gives gamers an option and is sure a hell of a lot better than buying a whole other system.


Here’s Some Footage From The Monster Hunter X Gameplay Demo

Monster Hunter X will serve as a spinoff for the series, and now a gameplay demo has been made available on the Nintendo eShop. For those of you who would rather just watch gameplay footage rather than play it themselves, I’ve got you covered.

The demo is currently only available on the Japanese eShop, but that hasn’t stopped YouTuber Arekkz Gaming from getting in on the action. The demo allows you to pick from 3 monsters, 3 quests and 14 weapons. In this particular footage Arekkz is battling a Hororohoruru (say that 3 times fast).

An interesting fact about this demo is that it is only good for 30 plays, and after that it will be just disappear from your system. Thus, if you want to school the system you should just put your system on standby to avoid your play count from dropping. Hooray for loopholes!

Monster Hunter X will launch exclusively for the 3DS in Japan on November 28th, 2015, a release date has not been announced yet for the USA, but when it does I’ll let you know!

Final Fantasy Explorers Features 21 Different Job Classes

The Final Fantasy series will be getting a spin-off game on the Nintendo 3DS early next year called Final Fantasy Explorers, and new information has been revealed detailing the game’s job classes.


The game will definitely have a lot of variety when it comes to job classes, as the above infographic reveals that there are 21 in total. Each character comes with their own skill sets and unique abilities, as well, meaning that you will have many different ways to experience the game.

Final Fantasy Explorers will launch exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on January 26th, 2015.