There Are Monsters On The Court In The New Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Trailer

Later this month Mario and the gang will be heading back to the tennis courts (for the first time in HD!) with the Wii U’s Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and a new trailer has been released showing off some very brief new gameplay.

To tie in with Halloween, this video is called Monsters on the Court and features (you guessed it!) the big bad guys from the Mario series duking it on the courts. Considering the game features a new mechanic that allows everyone to become giants this ties in pretty well with the monster theme. Ace!

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will launch exclusively for the Wii U on November 20th, 2015.

Have Another Look At Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash With This New Trailer

Mario Tennis might not be the biggest series that Nintendo would typically want at the top of Christmas lists, but it will certainly be just that when it releases Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash next month. I personally have loved the series for a long time, and even though the 3DS version didn’t fare so well I’m confident that the series can rebound on the Wii U.

While this trailer doesn’t show a whole lot of what we haven’t seen already, it’s still a really impressive looking game that looks like a lot of fun. I’m liking how the new power-ups can completely change the momentum of a point, though at the same time not making the other player completely helpless in trying to fend off the attack.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash launches exclusively for the Wii U on November 20th, 2015.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Serving For Wii U This Year

I love me some Mario Tennis, so it’s great to hear that a brand new entry in the series is on its way for the Wii U. This game is called Mario Tennis Ultra Smash and will launch this holiday season.

As for what this game will bring to the table, there are new power-ups that can make characters become massive in size. This makes the ground they cover and the strength of their hits increase, which can quickly turn the tide of a match in an instant.

Check out the trailer for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash below.