World Of Warcraft Getting New Expansion Called Legion

Blizzard began their 2015 Gamescom press conference with a bang, as they announced that their now legendary MMORPG World of Warcraft is getting yet another expansion: Legion.

World of Warcraft LEGION

As for what can be expected in this new expansion, fans will have a new class called Demon Hunter to try out, a new level cap of 110, new raids and dungeons, a new honor system and much more. If you’re still playing World of Warcraft or stopped playing a while ago, this new expansion might have just what you need to dive back in again.

According to Blizzard, this expansion will let us see things through Demon Hunter Illidan’s eyes, which will delve into the story of the Demon Hunters and their muddy past. The narrative is set to involve the Black Temple, with several comparisons to previous expansion Burning Crusade being made.

Check out the feature overview video for World of Warcraft: Legion below.