Bungie Has “Legendary” New Year’s Gifts For All ‘Destiny’ Players

Go ahead and claim your legendary gift.

You may or may not have received an email from Destiny developer Bungie recently talking of you receiving an item as a token of appreciation for a great launch. Considering that around Halloween time everyone got a sweet Jack-‘o-lantern head that would make several different screams as you wore it, many thought we might be getting a Santa hat that went, “HO HO HO”.

Well, not really. Instead, Bungie has delivered one legendary weapon to everybody’s postmaster, with the limit being one per account and the weapon in question being completely random. If you’re a hardcore Destiny player then you are probably already at the point where legendary weapons do nothing for you, but if you’re someone like me that doesn’t even have 1 level 30 yet, it might just come in handy.

Or it will be some useless piece of crap that i’ll break down into Energy, similar to just about every other weapon I find in the game. We shall see!