Phil Spencer Revealed Killer Instinct Is Headed For PC

The first ever PC Gaming Show is going pretty well so far, as Phil Spencer came out to discuss what the future holds with Microsoft and the platform.

While he seemed to tiptoe around questions regarding what new games would be coming to PC and potential Xbox One games coming to PC, Spencer has confirmed one Xbox One game that will be coming to PC. That game is none other than the hit fighting game, Killer Instinct.

While there’s no other information to report at this time, stay tuned for more updates.

Ultratech Head Aria Closes Out Season 2 Of Killer Instinct

The head of Ultratech will serve as the closer for Killer Instinct’s season two.

Killer Instinct is continuing to be a pleasant surprise on Xbox One, being a free-to-play fighting game that has great mechanics and a lot of content for those interested.

Now the devs have revealed that the game’s second season will end with Aria, who is the ultimate boss of the series being the head of Ultratech. She’ll be available to download on May 29th for Ultra Edition owners and June 4th for Combo Breaker Edition owners.

Check out the trailer for Aria below!

Iron Galaxy Teasing New ‘Killer Instinct’ Character Named Omen

Something wicked this way comes!

Killer Instinct fans will be pleased to know that a new character is being teased for the game called Omen. They’ve been releasing little bits of info on the character, such as a picture of a wing and a leg, though we still don’t have a full body shot of this demonic being.

Omen is the Herald of Gargos, and anyone who purchased the season two pack will be getting him as soon as the devs officially reveal him and make him available. As far as his backstory goes, he has been freed of the possession of Jago and has gained power by battling as Shadow Jago. From the vague glimpses that we have you can tell that this dude is gonna be one hell of a beast.