Ganondorf Wreaks Havoc In The New Hyrule Warriors Legends Trailer

Hyrule Warriors Legends features plenty of good guys to control, but there’s also some baddies thrown into the mix for good measure. For example: this new trailer shows off the series’ most iconic bad guy, Ganondorf, absolutely demolishing everything in his path.

He seems to control very similarly as he did in last year’s Hyrule Warriors for Wii U, being a bit slow but making up for it with a huge attack range and tons of raw power. It might not feel morally right controlling Ganondorf, but once you’ve tasted the power it’s hard to resist!

Hyrule Warriors Legends launches exclusively for the 3DS on March 25th, 2016.

New ‘Hyrule Warriors’ Wallpaper Released As Game Ships 1 Million Copies

Have some new Hyrule Warriors wallpaper, because how else do you celebrate passing 1 million copies?!

Hyrule Warriors has been a pretty big success for the Wii U, as it has been reported that the game shipped 1 million copies since it launched last Fall. The milestone was revealed by the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu.

So, as a sort-of celebration for pushing 1 million copies, you can now download a handful of new Hyrule Warriors wallpaper. The new backgrounds are pretty nice looking, so if you’re into that sort of thing you can check them out right here.

Hyrule Warriors is developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja exclusively for the Wii U.

Hyrule Warriors Is getting Majora’s Mask DLC Next Month

Hyrule Warriors is going to get a whole lot more awesome next month!

Hyrule Warriors is getting a brand new DLC pack on February 5th, which is entirely themed after The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The DLC includes Tingle and Young Link with the Fierce Deity’s mask as playable characters, a new adventure mode and 3 new costumes to try on. Below is a screenshot from the Nintendo Direct stream.

Majora's Mask Hyrule Warriors DLC

Amiibo Support Coming To ‘Hyrule Warriors’

The Amiibos look just like the Smash Bros. trophies…

Nintendo is going to be launching a pretty unique line of toys later in the year called Amiibos that will be able to interact with games on both the Wii U and 3DS. The first official game that will support these Amiibos is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, though Nintendo is planning on bringing these figurines to previous titles, as well.

One such game is Hyrule Warriors, which was a very solid hybrid of both the Legend of Zelda series and the Dynasty Warriors series. We still aren’t too sure on how exactly these Amiibos will effect the game, but many speculate that they will unlock bonus features for the game. The following is the tweet from Nintendo of America confirming that the Link Amiibo will be compatible with Hyrule Warriors:

More news is expected to be revealed on the Amiibo initiative, so be sure to check back for more details in the near future.

Here’s What’s Coming In ‘Hyrule Warriors’ Free DLC Update Today

As if Hyrule Warriors doesn’t already have enough content!

A free DLC update is coming to Hyrule Warriors today that adds 3 new characters to the fray: Cia, Wizzro and Volga. These characters were villains that were featured in the game’s main storyline, though were not unlockable through any means in the standard version of the game. Considering that all of the characters that I played as in the main game were are really fun to control, I’m excited to see what these new characters can bring to the table.

There is also a paid DLC pack that is releasing at the same time as the free one that will cost $7.99, with this one containing an Epona weapon for Link, a brand new prequel campaign, additions to the game’s adventure mode and new costumes for Cia and Lana.

Check out a video that shows off all of this new stuff below. 

Condemn O.R. Condone – Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)

A surprisingly good hack and slash adventure.

When I first heard that a mash up of both The Legend of Zelda series and Dynasty Warriors series was in the works, I was pretty much dumbfounded. The Legend of Zelda series is one that I hold in extremely high regard, while the Dynasty Warriors series is one that I pretty much forgot even still existed. Not only that, but the Dynasty Warriors series features constant hack and slash gameplay where upwards of 1000 enemies are slaughtered per level, which is unheard of in a Zelda game that features far smaller-scale encounters with gameplay that moves far less quickly. I had every right in the world to be skeptical and so did everyone else, but I’m pleasantly surprised to say that Omega Force and Team Ninja created a unique blend of both series that ends up being a blast to play.

Though Hyrule Warriors‘ core gameplay is taken from the Dynasty Warriors series, its plot and characters are entirely from The Legend of Zelda series. The game finds plenty of ways to throw in several fan-favorite characters from that series in a typical plot that deals with the bad guys trying to get all the power to take over the world. In this game the evil character is Cia, who is a new character created for this game that is working with some villains from the series’ past to set their plan in motion. Of course, the ones who are tasked with stopping them are Link and his allies of Hyrule. Zelda is desperately searching for someone who is good enough to fend off the evil that is on its way, and as she overlooks the warriors of Hyrule training she notices Link and quickly seeks his aid.

If you’ve ever played a Dynasty Warriors game before you know what you’re in for when it comes to the gameplay. You’re on a battlefield that is swarming with both good and bad guys and you must capture the opposing forces keeps while completing various other missions to win. You will often be taking on hundreds of enemies at once that you will proceed to slash through with ease, though captains and boss enemies will show up occasionally to get in your way. While this is a hack and slash game, each character has a variety of combo moves at their disposal to take out enemies in a variety of different ways. As the game progresses, you will unlock new weapons and abilities to give you many different options for battling foes, which is essential for a game whose core gameplay is so simple. All of the various moves and weapons look and perform great, providing some truly epic animations for demolishing foes.

To give everything a more Zelda-esque feel, Hyrule Warriors has incorporated items into the fray. Throughout the course of the game you will come across bombs, arrows, boomerangs and more that will all help you to accomplish various things on the battlefield. There are Boko Baba’s that you will come across that emit a poisonous gas that impedes your progress, which requires you to whip out your trusty bow and arrow to take them down and get rid of the poison. Bombs can be used to send enemies flying, but in true Zelda fashion they can also be used to destroy rocks and fragile walls to reveal hidden items and treasure chests. While many of these items aren’t a help in typical gameplay, for certain boss fights they are essential. If you’ve played Ocarina of Time then you will come across some familiar bosses like Dodongo and Gohma, which requires you to throw bombs into one’s mouth and shoot arrows into the eye of the other, just like the source material.

As is the case with many Wii U games, the gamepad is used to display various bits of information related to your current objective. As you’re progressing through a level you can check the gamepad to see a list of completed objectives and refresh yourself about the task at hand, while also keeping tabs on all of the health of your allies. It would have been nice to have a bit more information displayed on the gamepad, such as seeing the health of various keeps that may or may not be about to fall, but I’m nitpicking here. The gamepad’s controls for the actual gameplay are terrific, as pulling off anything in combat is responsive and smooth. Cutscenes will also be displayed on the gamepad when the instances occur, which look really good but definitely not quite as good as what you get on a decent HD TV.

While the Zelda characters and story spice up the Dynasty Warriors formula greatly, it still doesn’t change the fact that what you are doing throughout the course of the game is basically always the same: slashing though endless waves of enemies. The game offers a lot of cool things to keep things interesting, but it can start getting repetitive if you’ve been playing for a while. It also doesn’t help that the game is pretty easy most of the time, with very few levels really requiring the player to exert everything they have to come out victorious. All you have to do is run to the various keeps, take down a bunch of bad guys until the keep boss shows up, kill him and then move on to the next keep. The quality of your playthrough of Hyrule Warriors will hinge greatly upon whether or not you like this simple gameplay formula or not.

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However, apart from the Legends mode that contains the main story, there is also an Adventure mode that has much more of a Zelda design to it. You are placed on the map from the very first Zelda game and you are tasked with moving through each square and completing specific challenges in the midst of the standard game’s combat. These squares are essentially challenge squares as they ask you to accomplish various things like kill a certain amount of enemies in a set amount of time or take out all of the bosses on the map. Upon completion of these challenges you will be rewarded with items from the first game to unlock and unveil new areas. What makes this even better is that the map functions exactly as it did in the original Legend of Zelda, so if you know all of the secret spots from the first game then you’ll know where the secrets are here and will reap the rewards.

This all goes to show how much effort was put into to the game to ensure that it will keep your busy. Legends mode will last you a good while with various difficulties and characters that you can utilize via several different combinations. Each individual level also has its own share of hidden goodies to dig up, such as Skultullas that will show up after you kill a certain amount of enemies and must be hunted down in a pretty short amount of time before they flee. There are 100 Skultullas in the game, so finding them all will certainly take a good amount of time. All of the content that is on disc can easily last you dozens upon dozens of hours, and with free and paid DLC in the game’s future there is no telling how much gameplay you could potentially get out of this game.

If you can tolerate the simplistic combat of Dynasty Warriors and are a fan of The Legend of Zelda series then you will no doubt have a blast with Hyrule Warriors. It adds just enough to the Dynasty Warriors formula while giving the game much more heart and character from The Legend of Zelda series to make it a truly fun experience. There are countless hours of gameplay to be had on hand here, with tons of bonus content to unlock and play around with throughout various levels. It may not be a game that anyone was expecting or was highly anticipating, but when all is said and done Hyrule Warriors is a surprisingly solid hack and slash adventure that gives the perfect amount of respect to both of the series it is cut from.


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