Hitman Launches March 2016, Remaining Content Coming April, May And June

Hitman was recently delayed from its late 2015 release date to sometime early next year, though now we know that it will be launching on March 11th.

As you may know, the game will be releasing in an unfinished state, with additional free content coming in the following months to complete the story. The game will launch with 3 locations – Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh – and 6 campaign missions. Then in April, May and June new location will be added to the game for free.

“Each location will come with additional missions, signature kills and more Contracts targets – and of course new disguises, weapons and ways of taking out your target. April takes you to Thailand, May will see you visiting the United States of America and June sends you across the globe to Japan.”

Hitman Delayed To March 2016

The release plan for the new Hitman game is pretty interesting, as it will launch unfinished. The game will come with a certain amount of levels, and then throughout the year will receive regular free updates to complete the journey.

However, it looks like Square Enix needs more time to get things up to snuff, as the game has been delayed from its December 2015 release to March 2016.

Apparently, Square Enix is planning on using this delay so they can launch the game with more base content and release the free updates more frequently. The game releasing unfinished was a complaint that many gamers have been voicing since the announcement, so this is a smart move on their part.

In the meantime, Square Enix also released an infographic describing just how big the levels in Hitman will be compared to the series’ past. Check it out below.


Hitman Reboot Comes With 7 Missions At Launch

Next year’s reboot of the Hitman series, simply called Hitman, will have an interesting release plan. It’s not going to launch as a complete game, but instead as the beginning of a “season” that will be added to as the year goes on.

Hitman Game 2015

Now, thanks to a listing for the game on Amazon we have a little more information regarding what this means. According to Amazon, the physical copy of the game will come with seven missions for season one.

This is definitely a strange way to go about it, as apparently all content that is released post-launch will be free. However, that doesn’t change the fact that gamers will potentially be paying $60 right off the bat for a game will not have much content. This kind of thing requires the consumer to put a lot of trust in the publisher, though seeing as it’s Square Enix I won’t raise any warning flags just yet.

If it was EA or Ubisoft, though? I’d be running like a madman in the other direction.

Hitman will launch on December 8th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Hitman Will Return This December, Check Out New Gameplay Footage

Yesterday we got our first look at the return of Hitman, and now we have some more information regarding the game. The latest entry in the series will be launching on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 8th of this year.

This game marks a new directions for the series, with more open-ended gameplay featuring locations all around the world. The game will also support community-created contracts, which should provide hours of entertainment with that feature alone.

Check out the new trailer with gameplay footage for Hitman below.

Hitman Is Back With His Biggest Game Yet

IO Interactive revealed during PlayStation’s E3 press conference that there is a brand new Hitman game in the works. The game is simply called Hitman, and will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

While little information was released for the game, we did learn that the PlayStation 4 version will have 6 exclusive contracts. There will also be a console exclusive beta for those who pre-order the game.

Check out the trailer for Hitman below.

Picture Judgment… Next Hitman Concept Art

It was just revealed by Hitman developer IO Interactive that the next Hitman game will not be coming to E3, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing the first image of the game.

In regards to the no show at E3, IO said the following:

“We’ve seen a lot of people talking about what we might be bringing to E3 this year. We know the worst thing is to hope for something that doesn’t turn up; so we wanted to let you know that our next Hitman is going to be under wraps for a bit longer.

Check out the first image from the game set in Central Europe below.

New Hitman Concept Art

My Judgment:

While it stinks that we won’t get to see anything at this year’s E3, it’s good to hear that the developers are devoted to getting everything in its right place before showing too much. I really like this concept art, showing an elegant locale that is being stared down menacingly by none other than Hitman himself.