Get Ahead In Games The Right Way

If you want to get ahead in games, there are a few sure-fire ways to go about it.

Depending on which way your moral compass points, you could cheat. A quick search online will give you controller combos and ways to go around challenging gameplay so you can advance your way through the narrative like a sneak.

However, if you’d rather attack challenges in the game the way they were intended, sans shortcuts, a lot of games feature built-in ways that allow you to get ahead without taking the easy route.

For starters, you can take advantage of the downloadable content available for your game. You can upgrade weapons, increase your character’s skills, and even open new story lines. Think of utilizing downloadable content like actually sending in a mail-in rebate. It’s a pain in the ass to wait for it to be a useable asset, but once you get it, the hassle is always well worth it.

If you want some feedback before entering your credit card information, use the customer ratings on DLCompare instead of selecting options blindly. Sure, most of them are going to take a long time time to download, but many can help better your gameplay ten-fold.

Man banned from playing video games

Believe it or not, perfecting your poker game is also a great way to go about it. Some games like Red Dead Redemption and Fallout: New Vegas offer players the opportunity to gain more money and fame by testing their skills at the tables.

If you check out the guide on Betfair, you can teach yourself how to play five card stud, for example, using their experts’ explanation of need-to-know lingo. There are also plenty of tips on the best ways to bet (in addition to in-depth explanations of other poker variants). Using their guide, you can earn money to buy a better horse in Red Dead Redemption or upgrade your weapon in Fallout.

Finally, brushing up on your math skills can help you get ahead without feeling like a cheater. As Quora writer Matthew S. Stenquist explains, games couldn’t exist without math.

“From having the ability to calculate the trajectory of an Angry Bird flying through the sky, to ensuring that a character can jump and come back down to the ground—without the help of mathematics, games simply wouldn’t work.”

Besides finding the right angles to use in Angry Birds, you can gauge which weapons are best to use in certain situations. For example, check out this word problem:

You’re coming up on a level with 20 enemies. You can either use a shotgun or an assault rifle. It takes two shotgun shells to kill each bad guy. You have a total of 40 shells. Your accuracy with the shotgun is just over 50 percent.

On the other hand, it takes three assault rifle bullets to kill each bad guy. You have a total of 60 bullets. Your accuracy with the assault rifle is 40 percent.

So, then, which gun should you use before entering enemy territory?

Truthfully, I don’t care to figure out the answer. I was always bad at math, but you get the idea.

And you told your math teacher you’d never use this stuff…