Replacement Wii U Gamepads Coming To The USA? Japan’s Selling Them Now

One of the biggest mysteries with the Wii U is that the game’s main controller, the gamepad, is only sold with the system itself. That’s right – if you happen to damage or break the controller in anyway then you are forced to buy another system entirely.

That’s a pretty ridiculous concept when you really think about it, but hopefully that could be changing worldwide very soon. The official Japanese Nintendo online store has announced that you can now purchase individual Wii U gamepads for your system if you so desire, costing 12,800 Yen. For us non-Yen using folks, that comes out to about $115 USD or £75 GBP.

Nintendo, please make this a reality worldwide, because I love the Wii U and am pretty paranoid about looking at the gamepad the wrong way for this exact reason. Paying over $100 for a replacement ain’t cheap, but at least it gives gamers an option and is sure a hell of a lot better than buying a whole other system.