The First ‘Dreamfall Chapters’ Book Will Open On October 21st

The new adventure begins in a few weeks.

Developer Red Thread Games has revealed that its episodic adventure of the classic Dreamfall series, called Dreamfall Chapters, will debuts its first installment on October 21st.

The developer said the following:

“Book One of the Kickstarter-funded game will be distributed to project backers, and will be available to download on Steam for PC and Mac, and on Linux on Tuesday, October 21.”

No release date was revealed for the PlayStation 4 version of the game, but reports point to a release early next year.

Book One is set to cover the game’s prologue and first two chapters. The first book will be followed by an additional four books, though estimated release dates for these installments are unknown at this time.

‘Dreamfall Chapters’ Coming Exclusively To PlayStation 4

The Longest Journey will continue exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Dreamfall is making a comeback, as it has been revealed that Dreamfall Chapters will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. The game was originally announced as a PC game and underwent a Kickstarter campaign, but developer Red Thread Games has revealed on the PlayStation Blog that the sequel will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 4.

Creative Director Ragnar Tørnquist said the following about the game in the blog post:

Dreamfall Chapters is a game about choice and consequence, about how the actions you take and the decisions you make — no matter how small or seemingly insignificant — touch the people around us, and how our lives in turn are shaped by the choices made by others.”

The series began in 1999 with the PC game The Longest Journey, and continued in 2006 with the sequel Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.