EA Admits Star Wars Battlefront Lacks Depth

For months leading up to the release of the Star Wars Battlefront there was plenty of controversy due to the lack of a dedicated single-player campaign. This being Stars Wars and also being part of a series where all previous games contained them, fans were obviously very upset that the developers were foregoing that part of the experience entirely to focus on multi-player. If the multi-player was packed with depth this would be forgivable, but the game launched in the typical shallow state that most of the games of that ilk do and fans were rightfully disappointed.

Now, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has gone on record saying that the game lacks the depth that hardcore players wanted. He said the following at the Nasdaq Investor Conference in Europe:

Star Wars Battlefront is a first-person shooter, but it is [one of] the only teen-rated first-person shooters,” Jorgensen said. “We had designed it to be a much more accessible product to a wide age group.

“So, an 8-year-old could play with his father on the couch, as well as a teenager or 20-year-old could play the game and enjoy it. It is more accessible. And for the hardcore, it may not have the depth that they wanted in the game.”

I guess I can understand what they were going for, but it doesn’t excuse the game’s lack of content. Star Wars is a series that does not have a casual fanbase, but a ravenously hardcore one that obsess over the game’s far-reaching lore and universe. The fact that they basically took a great opportunity to release another great Star Wars game and instead rushed it to come out before the new movie did is a slap in the fact to fans, in my opinion.

Content-light Star Wars Battlefront Will Get More Free DLC In The Future

One of the biggest complaints with the new Star Wars Battlefront game is the lack of content it launched with. The game has absolutely no singleplayer campaign to speak of and only 12 multiplayer maps across a handful of modes, yet they’re still charging $60 for it.

Perhaps as a way to get some of the fire out of their face EA has announced that more free DLC will be coming to the game, which will release during the time of the game’s ridiculously-priced $50 season pass. Here’s a snippet of what EA’s Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund said:

“Of course, we are also planning to support Star Wars Battlefront with new content well into the future. We will be adding more of what you love about the game, like new maps and Star Cards, for free in the coming months, in addition to all of the content we have coming with Season Pass. We’ll have more to share soon.”

Still, what this content will even be and when we can expect to get it is all up in the air. I really hope that big publishers like EA are taking a lot of the backlash to heart and realizing that what they are doing is entirely anti-consumer. When a game launches we want the complete package for a fair price, not a shell of a game that *might* get fleshed out somewhere down the line while also dangling a $50 season pass in front of our faces.

Leia, Han Solo And Palpatine Confirmed For Star Wars Battlefront

Previous rumors suggesting that Princess Leia, Han Solo and Emperor Palpatine would be making an appearance in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront as playable characters has been officially confirmed.

Star Wars Battlefront

Each of these characters will have abilities that are unique to them, as Leia buffs team members, Han Solo can rapid fire his weapon and Palpatine can utilize the iconic Force Lightning. They will be available when the game launches in the middle of next month.

Star Wars Battlefront launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17th, 2015.

It’ll Cost You $120 To Buy The Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Editon

Star Wars Battlefront will be keeping the hype rolling next month leading up to what is undoubtedly the biggest movie of the year with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and that very game will have a special edition that comes with a beefy price tag.

The Ultimate Edition for Star Wars Battlefront will include all of the game’s Season Pass content and content from the game’s digital deluxe edition, retailing for a whopping $119.98. So, if you’re a Star Wars fanatic and need to have absolutely every piece of content available then I hope you start saving your pennies!

Star Wars Battlefront launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17th, 2015.

[source]: EA Origin

The Star Wars Battlefront Holiday Commercial Is Pretty Funny

In case you haven’t heard there’s this thing called Star Wars that nobody will shut up about, and a new movie and game will be coming out before the year’s end. The game is called Star Wars Battlefront, and Sony has released what they’re calling a holiday commercial for the game.

As far as commercials go I thought this one was pretty funny, because I’m pretty sure just about anyone would like to throw their chair through a window and fly around a city shooting lasers. Still, I’m in the minority here as I honestly don’t care about Star Wars any where near the degree that most do. Hopefully the game’s a decent time, though!

Star Wars Battlefront is developed by DICE for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and will launch on November 17th, 2015.


The Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Begins On October 8

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Star Wars: Battlefront, but even before that we’ll be getting a taste of it in the form of a beta.

The open beta for Star Wars: Battlefront will begin on October 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and will run until October 12. The beta will include the following 3 modes:

Walker Assault on Hoth: A 40-player battle where you control a Rebel as you try to destroy the Empire’s onslaught of AT-AT’s by calling in Y-wing bombers. You can also side with the Empire instead and protect your walkers while utilizing their weaponry to crush the Rebels like bugs.

Drop Zone on Sullust: You and your team fight to control escape pods as they come crashing down in this 8v8 battle where both strategy and combat prowess are needed equally.

Survival Mission on Tatooine: Battle waves of Imperial forces such as AT-STs, TIE fighters, stormtroopers and more in this hectic mode that can be played alone or with a friend via co-op or split-screen.

Star Wars: Battlefront launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17.

More Details Revealed For The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

EA has revealed the details for the upcoming beta for the highly-anticipated multiplayer shooter, Star Wars Battlefront.

The beta will be available to take part in on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the early days of October and will feature 40-person battles on Hoth. There will also be a survival mission on Tatooine, which is most easily compared to the typical horde mode gametype.

There will also be a brand new mode called Drop Zone that is set to make its debut in the beta, though more information on that won’t be revealed until the beta draws nearer.

While news on how you can actually get into the beta has not been announced yet, you can sign up for more information by clicking right here.