This War of Mine: The Little Ones PS4 & Xbox One Release Date Revealed

This War of Mine originally broke the hearts of gamers everywhere on PC when it told the story of people struggling to survive in a war-torn town, and that experience (plus an expansion) will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This War of Mine: The Little Ones will be available to play on both consoles on January 29th, 2016.

Here’s what Deep Silver had to say about the game:

This War Of Mine: The Little Ones provides an experience of war not from an elite soldier´s point of view but from the perspective of a group of civilians that are trying to survive.”

And a snippet from the trailer’s YouTube description:

“Struggling with a lack of food, limited or no medical supplies and under the threat of constant danger from the world around, players will need to make life-or-death decisions just to make it through another day.”

This War Of Mine Coming To PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Next Year

This War of Mine originally was only available on PC, but early next year the emotional game will be making its way to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, it will be coming with additional content and will be called This War of Mine: The Little Ones.

The new content coming to the game will include new missions, new campaigns and new characters. Check out a snippet from the press release talking about the additional content:

“New content coming to consoles in This War of Mine: The Little Ones explores the hardships of wartime survival as seen from an entirely new perspective – that of a child. Based on This War of Mine, The Little Ones focuses on the reality of enduring war and the idea that even in war, kids are still kids – they laugh, cry, play with toys and see the world differently. In addition to thinking about survival, you’ll have to bring back the kid in yourself to understand how to protect the little ones. How far will you go to make it through another day?

Protect and take care of The Little Ones as they continue to live in the war torn landscape as only children can. Teach, educate and form emotional bonds as you fight to survive in this harsh world and prevail through this unique narrative.”

This War of Mine: The Little Ones will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29th, 2015.

Looks Like Deep Silver Is Publishing IGA’s Bloodstained

Nothing is official, but Deep Silver could be making Bloodstained a reality.

Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night‘s Kickstarter smashed the campaign’s goal of $500,000 as it now inches its way closer to the 3 million mark. However, that original $500,000 was only going to cover a fraction of the game’s actual cost, with IGA claiming that the game will be 90% publisher funded.

So who is the mystery publisher that will be making the majority of this thing happen? According to a recent trademark filed in the United States bearing the game’s name, it looks like Deep Silver/Koch Media. Gaming website Destructoid reached out to Koch Media and got confirmation from their attorney that the trademark was indeed filed on their behalf.

Still, nothing is certain until an official announcement is made, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this one pans out!

Wasteland 2 PC Being Upgraded To Game Of The Year Edition For Free

Those who played the regular version of Wasteland 2 are in for a nice surprise.

Wastland 2 will be making its way to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox this year via a game of the year edition, though those who originally played it on PC are in for a nice surprise.

Developer inXile Entertainment has announced that those who backed the game on Kickstarter or purchased it regularly will be getting their game upgraded to the Game of the Year Edition free of charge. This is a fantastic gesture to fans and is something that more developers ought to consider doing when they plan on releasing several version of the same game.

This new Game of the Year Edition will be running through Unity 5 and will have improved textures, character models and lighting. The game is also receiving new and fully-voiced dialog that will be a huge plus to an already stellar package.

There are some changes that go even deeper, however, as there will also be new perks, a system that allows Rangers to target specific body parts, and even new balancing that will impact difficulty, loot drops and a lot more.

Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition is developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Deep Silver for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There is currently no release date for this new version of the game.

Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition Coming To PlayStation 4

Risen 3 will be getting an enhanced edition on PS4 this year, though interestingly there is no news of it happening on Xbox one.

Deep Silver has revealed that last year’s RPG Risen 3: Titan Lords will be getting an upgraded version on the PlayStation 4 this year.

Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition will include all of the post-release updates, as well as all of the game’s DLC.

Deep Silver also claims that this new version’s graphical quality will be equal and in some cases even better than the PC version running on ultra settings. Some areas where this will be the case is resolution of textures and depth of field.

Of course, the PlayStation 4 version will be running at 1080p, though it will still be hitting 30 frames per second. Other features it will include are Remote Play, Share Play, streaming and recording.

Most interesting of all is the lack of an announcement of the game coming to the Xbox One, as the game originally launched on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The publisher was contacted by GameSpot about this and they simply responded with,  “[Risen 3: Titan Lords] Enhanced Edition is confirmed for PS4 (only) at this time.”

Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition is developed by Piranha Bytes and published by Deep Silver for the PlayStation 4. There is currently no announced release date for the game.

Dead Island 2 Has Been Delayed To 2016

The follow-up to Dead Island is being delayed a whole year as the devs claim they haven’t achieved what they set out to.

Yager Development has confirmed on twitter that their in-development zombie game Dead Island 2 has been delayed to 2016. The game was originally set to launch in the Spring of this year.

Here’s a snippet of what the devs said on twitter:

“We have always set ourselves a big goal for Dead Island 2: to create the sequel that takes Dead Island to the next level. A game that takes what our fans tell us they love about Dead Island – multiple different characters to play with, co-op, and turning a paradise setting into a zombie slaughter melee – and a game that adds a ton more content and combat options on top of that.

And we wanted to have all of that that done for release in Spring 2015.

We have been looking at the game long and hard, and we have decided we didn’t reach that goal we set out to achieve quite yet. This is why we have decided to delay Dead Island 2 to 2016.”

Dead Island 2 is developed by Yager Development and published by Deep Silver for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Condemn O.R. Condone – Escape Dead Island (PlayStation 3)

I thought Escape Dead Island was one of the strangest games ever released before I even started playing it. Here we have a spin-off title to a series of games that was shrugged at by both critics and audiences alike, ditching the gritty first-person aesthetic of the core games for a third-person and cel-shaded approach. I wouldn’t be against such a huge change of pace if said change of pace actually offers something interesting, but Escape Dead Island just puts the series in another disappointing direction.

This game ties directly into the plot of the first Dead Island game, with a spoiled kid named Cliff Calo taking a couple of friends to investigate an island that he believes all of this zombie madness originated from. So, they all hop on a boat and after a very brief introduction to the characters we are on a tropical island that is infested with zombies! Hooray!

While the island of Narapela looks pretty solid thanks to the game’s cel-shaded graphics, the visuals are consistently let down by the game’s bare-bones and messy mechanics. This a third-person adventure game where you will run through various locales while bludgeoning or shooting zombies in the face, while also occasionally utilizing stealth to save ammo and avoid alerting the other freaks in the area. The thing is, the combat mechanics are extremely boring and boils down to essentially just mashing the button whenever an enemy is around.

You will come across various different weapons throughout the game that will be slightly more powerful than the last one, but there is no actual sense of progression to any of the game’s weapons to make it interesting for any stretch of time. In fact, the actual combat is so dull that it actually makes the games ho-hum stealth mechanics exciting whenever you have a chance to use them. Just sneak up behind a brain-dead zombie and press the execute button and you have saved yourself from a boring zombie battle.

To make matters worse, the game can be unforgivably aggravating at several spots throughout the story. Groups of enemies can come out of nowhere and gang up on you without any chance of escape, and some enemies hit accuracy is too ridiculous even for a video game. The ending of the game is the biggest culprit, as you are faced with hoards of enemies to deal with that just keep materializing out of nowhere. I cannot tell you how many times I had do this part over, and I came pretty close to shutting the damn thing off for good. It’s one thing to create levels that are legitimately challenging like Dark Souls, but just chucking a ridiculous amount of enemies at you is bad and lazy game design.

Escape Dead Island‘s one saving grace is in the presentation of its plot, if not so much in its execution. While we have a very basic story of a group of friends going to an island to crack a big news story, what it eventually leads to is a psychological adventure as our protagonist’s sanity falls deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. There are actually several pretty impressive psychological segments that left me pretty creeped out, and I only wish that the game focused more on that aspect rather than the monotonous zombie hack ‘n’ slash it ultimately is.

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Exploring the island isn’t such a bad thing either when you have gaps where there aren’t too many enemies around, as it’s pretty well designed and contains a solid amount of collectibles for everyone to find. These do things like give you background information on some of the island’s inhabitants or give you better insight into what has been happening on this zombie-infested spit of land. I didn’t find any of these to be all that engaging, but compared to everything else on display it was a nice change of pace. The game also lets you take pictures of various objects to get a bit more information on them, but I quickly got sick of this aspect of exploration and had forgotten about it entirely by the game’s end.

Escape Dead Island is a game that needed a heck of a lot more polish and just a better idea of what it wanted to be. As a third person zombie hack ‘n’ slash game it is near the bottom of the barrel of what is on the market, though as a psychological adventure game it has some truly interesting elements. If the devs had focused more on those elements and refined the gameplay to some degree then we could be looking at a much more appealing package. As it stands, however, Escape Dead Island is a dull and messy zombie game with far too few bright spots to make it worth recommending to fans of the series or the genre in general.