Here’s The Full Release Road Map For ‘DayZ’

Open-world zombies will be signed, sealed and delivered in the first half of 2016.

The open-world zombie game, DayZ, has been open to the public since December of 2013 through Steam Early Access, though the game is still a ways off from being a finished project. However, the game’s developer, Bohemia Interactive, has gone on record saying that the full version of the game will show up some time in the first half of 2016. As I said, it’s a ways off.

The full version of the game will cost $50, with the Early Access version currently going for $35. The console versions are even further off, though, so there is no pricing plans for those (though they will more than likely be $60).

Bohemia Interactive said the following about DayZ in response to the game selling 2 million copies in Early Access:

“2014 has been an immensely successful year for DayZ. We could have never hoped for so many people to join us for the adventure of Early Access development.”

The following is road map of what the developers plan to add to the game between now and the game’s eventual release in the first half of 2016:

Q1 2015:

  • Basic vehicles
  • Advanced loot distribution
  • New renderer
  • New Zombie AI
  • Basic stealth system (zombies and animals)
  • Diseases

Q2 2015:

  • Advanced vehicles (repair and modifications)
  • Advanced animals (life cycle, group behavior)
  • Player statistics
  • New UI
  • Player stamina
  • Dynamic events

Q3 2015:

  • Traps
  • Barricading
  • Character life span + soft skills
  • Animal predators + birds
  • Aerial transport
  • Console prototype

Q4 2015:

  • Animal companions
  • Steam community integration
  • Construction (base building)

DayZ Coming To Consoles This Year?

DayZ could be making its way to consoles as early as this year.

Day Z has been a very popular game on the PC that was test released at the end of last year. The object of the game is to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse, with the player having to traverse the world looking for food, water and guns to keep moving strong and taking down the zombies.

The game is currently PC-only, but according to the game’s creator Dean Hall it could be coming to consoles as soon as this year. He said the following in an interview with Eurogamer:

“We’ve toyed around what to do with the console side of things. It’s important for DayZ to evolve if it was on a console in a way that benefits console gamers. It could be [this year].”

He goes on to discuss the prospects of when the console version of the game may be released:

“We have to get the core aspects of the game finished before we commit to doing anything. Otherwise you make a big announcement and then you wait for six or 12 months.”