No Marcus Fenix Collection, But Other Gears Of War Projects Are In The Works

There’s more than one new Gears of War project in the works.

With all of the recent remasters of just about every last-gen gaming coming to new-gen systems, the rumors of a Gears of War Marcus Fenix collection seemed pretty legit. However, Black Tusk’s Studio Manager has revealed that no such plans are in the works.

Rod Ferguson clarified rumors by tweeting the following:

“I love the passion, but there‚Äôs no Marcus Fenix Collection. We ARE working on other exciting Gears projects. I’ll see you at E3!”

So, even though some are bummed about not getting a shiny remaster of the original 3 Gears of War games, we now know that there’s more than one new project being hammered out for the series. This will no doubt serve as a welcoming relief for longtime fans, but now we have to wait until E3 to find out what the heck these damn projects are.

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