Amazon Cuts Prime Membership Price Ahead Of Black Friday

Black Friday is less than two weeks away, and Amazon is gearing up for the season by dropping the membership price to $67.


While the move was originally announced as a result of the company’s Emmy wins, the drop has no doubt been timed to coincide with the massive shopping season that comes to a head on Black Friday.

There will certainly many video games that will be getting big discounts, with Lightning Deals showing up briefly with limited supply and big price cuts. Expect big games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to receive price drops amongst others.

Amazon Will Hand-Deliver You Black Ops III At Midnight

Call of Duty fans that live in a city that supports Amazon’s Prime Now app may find the following interesting, as they could potentially get Black Ops III hand-delivered to their door at the game’s midnight release.

The Prime Now app allows certain items to be delivered directly to the customers door, though the window at which the delivery will arrive varies. You won’t be getting the game exactly at midnight, but more likely a couple hours later.

There’s also the fact that this offer is only available to customers that live in the following cities: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami, Minneapolis, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle.

Whelp, looks like I’m out!

Amazon Is Now Selling Digital Downloads For Wii U, Wii & 3DS Games

Amazon and Nintendo must have just settled on a new agreement, as now the popular online retailer is offering downloads for various Wii U, Wii and 3DS games.

How it works is you purchase the content from Amazon, then you link your Nintendo ID to the retailer and the code will be revealed for you to enter. If you have automatic downloads enabled, the game will then begin downloading on whatever device you purchased it for.

While some may think that this isn’t a huge deal, it actually is because it means that it will allow more people to utilize Amazon gift cards and rewards points towards Nintendo game purchases. Considering that Nintendo games are infamous for *never* going very far down in price, this is a great way to save some money.

Click right here to browse through the digital Nintendo games that are currently being offered by Amazon.

Amazon Adding Discounts To Certain Video Games For Prime Members

Good news for gamers, as Amazon is quietly adding discounts for certain video games for Prime members. As of this writing there isn’t a list that tells you what games are discounted, and you can’t see what the discount is until you add it to your cart.

How it works is you go on a game’s product page and scroll down a bit. If the game is eligible for a discount then you’ll see a little message in a box saying so. Scroll down for a screen capture of the message.



As for the quality of the discounts themselves, they range anywhere from a couple of bucks to $10 for new releases, which isn’t massive but is still nice to have. One such eligible game that just came out is Batman: Arkham Knight, which you can currently get for $49.99.

Want A New Game In An Hour? You Can Get It With Amazon’s Prime Now

Pretty soon in the good old US of A, you will be able to purchase a video game on Amazon and have it delivered to you within an hour. 1. FREAKING. HOUR.

Amazon just continues to amaze me with all of the crazy things they have been unleashing on the public, and this new announcement is one of the craziest yet. Prime Now is a new delivery service where you can get thousands of items within an hour for $7.99 shipping or 2 hours with free shipping.

Now I know this isn’t strictly video game related, but this new service does in fact include video games. So, that means that at some point you will be able to purchase a game on Amazon and start playing it within an hour. Is that not driving anyone else insane with excitement like it is me? ANYONE?

Check out the video below that goes into a bit more detail about the whole process. 

Reserved Jugment – Amazon’s Gaming Console May Stream PC Games?

After the supposed Amazon controller was leaked online very recently, people have been wondering more than ever just what this new console from Amazon is going to be able to do. If sources (unnamed) are to be believed, it may be able to stream PC games along with micro games.

TechCrunch was the one who spilled the beans, though it’s unclear thus far if their sources can be trusted. If this is true, then it means that Amazon’s console will have an advantage over the Ouya, GameStick and M.O.J.O., which are consoles that all feature mobile game ports and small downloadable games.

While this micro game market is not one that I or many hardcore gamers are interested in, if Amazon can indeed allow you to stream big-name PC games then it makes the system a bit more interesting. However, the system overall is still a big question mark and we’ll have to wait and see the deal once official information is released.