Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Gets New 6-Minute Trailer

Square Enix has released a lengthy six-minute trailer for the upcoming release of Dragon Quest VIII 3DS, which looks as good as anyone could expect.


The trailer shows off the game’s fantastic art style and world, as well as displaying the game’s lovable and charming cast of characters. While the game is set to release in Japan on August 27th, the game is not confirmed for release in the west just yet. Check out the new trailer below.

۞ by AGB-Media

Tomorrow Marks The End Of Club Nintendo

Spend up all your coins while you still can, because tomorrow is the last day you’ll be able to spend them. Club Nintendo will be closing its doors tomorrow at 11:59 PM PST.

As for what you can get with your coins, you can click on through right here for a full list. There’s a lot of great stuff you can potentially get, so don’t miss out. I was able to get 6 games back when I spent my coins, which got some classic games I had been dying to play for years.

Fret not, though, dear readers, as even though Club Nintendo will be gone very soon something else is set to take its place. In fact, Nintendo claims that a brand new membership service will launch this Fall that will be even better. Here’s to hoping it really is! *Chugs glass of water*

Check Out 30 Minutes Of Gameplay For Fire Emblem Fates

Thanks to yesterday’s Nintendo E3 digital event we know that the next game in the Fire Emblem series will be called Fire Emblem Fates. However, we didn’t get to see any gameplay to see what the game was really all about.

Now, thanks to Nintendo Treehouse Live, the curtain has finally been pulled back on the gameplay. Unsurprisingly, it looks very Fire Emblem-y! Check out the video directly below.

Nintendo To Announce At Least Two New Games During E3

Nintendo World Store has revealed the events it will be hosting in New York City during E3, and it shows some juicy new info regarding brand new Nintendo games. It has been confirmed that there will be hands-on demos for at least two new games from the company, meaning that they are very far along in development.

Who knows what the games actually are, but I would assume that once E3 swings around we’ll have not only the names but the release dates.

Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Available Now

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players will be happy to hear that the next batch of free DLC for the game is now available.

This new DLC includes all kinds of cool stuff, like new quests, weapons and armor. The new gear, in particular, was designed specifically for the western version of the game. Check out the list of content as well as screenshots below.

  • 14 New quests
  • 5 New weapons
  • 1 Complete armor set
  • 4 Palico weapons
  • 4 Palico armor sets
  • 1 Bonus Palico: Pink Pal
  • 3 Guild Card backgrounds
  • 6 Guild Card titles


Monster Hunter X Announced For 3DS

The Monster Hunter series continues to charm both critics and its loyal fanbase, and now just after this year’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate we have the next game in the series.

This one, called Monster Hunter X, is also a 3DS exclusive and will apparently be an attempt to make the series more flashy and bold. Considering how notorious the series is for being punishingly difficult, we could be looking at a slightly simplified presentation, as well.

Not much else is known other than that the game will be launching later this year in Japan, but you can check out the Japanese trailer below.

Next Fire Emblem Game Aiming For More Casual Players

Things can potentially be a lot easier for you in the next Fire Emblem game.

The Fire Emblem series is known for being one of the most difficult and unforgiving gaming series of all time, but with the release of the most recent game on 3DS it’s becoming more streamlined.

The devs will be looking to keep that ball rolling as it has been revealed that the next game in the series will contain a new mode that makes the game much easier. This mode is called Phoenix Mode, which revives all fallen allies at the end of each turn. This sounds like it would take all of the challenge and fun out of the game, but I guess if you’re really that bad at it you won’t be anymore.

One change I do like is that they are completely doing away with weapon durability, meaning that you will be able to use your equipment as many times as you like without worrying about it breaking. This is a mechanic that I haven’t really enjoyed in any video game, so getting rid of it altogether is a plus in my book.

Fire Emblem If will release on June 26th in Japan, though a release date for the USA has not been made public as of this writing.