New Info Revealed On Shovel Knight: Plague Of Shadows DLC

Shovel Knight is an incredible game that everyone should play, which they have no excuse not to now seeing as it’s literally on every major platform. However, developer Yacht Club Games promised that a lot more free content is on the way and now a new video has been released detailing the upcoming Plague of Shadows DLC.

In this new DLC you’ll be able to customize Plague Knight and change the arc of his projectile attacks, while he also hasĀ the ability to double jump and has some special moves unique to him. The DLC will feature a new story and paths to take, while an all new challenge mode will also be included.

There’s a bunch more stuff coming for the game in the future, as well, so it’s good to see that Shovel Knight will be staying in the conversation for at least a while longer.

Ori And The Blind Forest Definitive Edition Coming Later This Year

Ori and the Blind Forest has been showered with praise ever since it released earlier this year, and now it looks like the game is set to receive new content as part of a Definitive Edition.

Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition

Here’s what game director Forest Mahler said regarding this new edition of the game:

“Basically, we wanted to do the Definitive Edition of Ori, because while we made a LOT of people happy, there were some outcries we heard from fans regarding some things and we just want to be known for making the absolute best games for our fans out there. We really went back, added more content, fixed ALL the things people have been asking for (not talking about bugs here, but actual design and content feedback) and we just want to give back and make it the perfect experience for people who loved Ori and those who haven’t gotten to try it yet.”

When I hear that a definitive edition of a game is coming I usually role my eyes because it’s nothing more than a remaster with all previous DLC included, but I have to say I’m genuinely impressed with what the devs are doing with this one. This isn’t just a re-release of the game, but an expansion that not only adds more content but improves upon the original version’s design. The devs are *actually* serious when they say that this is the definitive edition of the game, as it’s not just the same game with a new coat of paint. Well done, Moon Studios, well done.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Digitally Releases This Month, Physically Next Year

Mega Man is being brought back into the limelight with the release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection, which packages the first 6 games in the Mega Man series all together with shiny new HD graphics. Now we have more details on when this collection will be releasing, and surprisingly enough it will be getting both a digital *and* physical release.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

First lets talk digital, as the Mega Man Legacy Collection will release digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 25th and will cost $14.99. I know, that really *was* quick!

The physical release is going to take a while longer before it releases, as it currently just has a release window of 2016. This version of the collection will cost $29.99, though any info on whether or not it contains more than the digital release is unknown.

There is also a 3DS version of this game in the works, though that is expected to launch both digitally and physically at some point next year.

Mega Man Creator Back On Kickstarter With Mega Man Legends Spiritual Successor

Well, that was quick. After wrapping up production on Mega Man spiritual successor Mighty No. 9, the creator is back on Kickstarter to begin production on a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends called Red Ash.

This was announced today at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, where they announced that they are looking to raise $800,000 to get the project going. However, there is also a second campaign where $150,000 is being asked for to produce an animated film containing the same world and characters.

As for what we can expect the game to be like, Comcept says that the game will be a third-person action adventure game with shooter and RPG elements. You can check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign by clicking right here to see more and consider pledging. The game is currently sitting at the $245,000 mark with 28 days left to go.