Until Dawn Will *NOT* Contain Multiplayer

While earlier reports were claiming that PlayStation 4’s upcoming exclusive horror game called Until Dawn would contain multiplayer that would support up to 12 players, those reports have now been proven as false.

Apparently, the 2-12 multiplayer mode that was listed in the game’s press release was confirmed as a mistake by an SCEE representative. The game is set to be singleplayer only, which makes much more sense considering it’s a horror game.

It won’t be long until we find out how Until Dawn turns out, as the game is set to launch on August 25th. If you pre-order the game you even get 25 minutes of extra gameplay.

Are The 3DS Versions Of Dragon Quest VII & VIII Coming West?

We’ve known for a while now that Dragon Quest VII and VIII are being remade for the 3DS in Japan, but have heard no news regarding whether or not the games would be localized.

However, though there still isn’t an official announcement, the word in the herd is that Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii already has localizations in the works. French fan site Final Fantasy Ring published an interview with Horii, though later on they reported that he implied that both games would be released in French.

If this information does end up being true, then it seems very likely that it would receive the same treatment elsewhere. An announcement apparently wasn’t planned, though I wouldn’t be surprised to hear something regarding these game’s at the next big gaming event.

Mega Man Creator Back On Kickstarter With Mega Man Legends Spiritual Successor

Well, that was quick. After wrapping up production on Mega Man spiritual successor Mighty No. 9, the creator is back on Kickstarter to begin production on a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends called Red Ash.

This was announced today at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, where they announced that they are looking to raise $800,000 to get the project going. However, there is also a second campaign where $150,000 is being asked for to produce an animated film containing the same world and characters.

As for what we can expect the game to be like, Comcept says that the game will be a third-person action adventure game with shooter and RPG elements. You can check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign by clicking right here to see more and consider pledging. The game is currently sitting at the $245,000 mark with 28 days left to go.

The Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer Is Exactly What I Was Hoping For

When Telltale Games announced that they would be taking yet another popular license – this time Minecraft – and turn it into an episodic adventure, I admit I was skeptical. Not only does it seem like just about everything is going episodic these days, how the heck do you make an episodic adventure about a game that had no story to begin with?

Well, judging from the new trailer that was shown at this year’s Minecon event for what is called Minecraft: Story Mode, they’re on the right track. The tone is goofy and light-hearted, with a story that seems very simple and in line with what could ever pass as a story in a game about mining blocks. Check out the trailer for the game below.

Here’s a plot synopsis from the YouTube video’s description:

“Players will control protagonist Jesse throughout the season, as portrayed by actor Patton Oswalt. Jesse and his group of friends revere the legendary Order of the Stone; four adventurers who slayed an Ender Dragon. The Order is the very best at what they do: Warrior, Redstone Engineer, Griefer, and Architect. While at EnderCon, Jesse and his friends discover that something is wrong… something dreadful. Terror is unleashed, and they must set out on a journey to find The Order of the Stone if they are to save their world from oblivion.”

New Information On Minecraft: Story Mode Coming Soon

At the end of last year we learned that Telltale Games would be taking yet another beloved series and turning it into an episodic adventure. This time they were taking Minecraft (of all things!) and are calling it Minecraft: Story Mode.

While any news regarding the game after that was slim to none, it looks like we might finally be hearing more very soon. Telltale Games took to twitter to tease that the game just might be making an appearance at Minecon.

Minecon 2015 is set to be held from July 4th to July 5th in London. Scroll down to see Telltale’s tweet.