Will Nintendo’s Next Console Run On Android?

Nintendo’s next console may be a gateway to both mobile and console games, as according to Japanese business magazine Nikkei the console will be running off of the mobile OS of Android.

So far, most of the actual information is blocked by a paywall, and this news was found from a translation via NeoGAF user Duckroll. This honestly wouldn’t be too surprising, though, given Nintendo’s recent plunge into the mobile market. Add to that the fact that the Wii U has completely failed to get third-party support and this could all be Nintendo’s way of getting more third-party developers on board with them.

Unfortunately, it was confirmed that no news regarding Nintendo’s next console would be revealed until next year, so we’ll have a while until we know what is going on for sure.

Monster Hunter X Announced For 3DS

The Monster Hunter series continues to charm both critics and its loyal fanbase, and now just after this year’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate we have the next game in the series.

This one, called Monster Hunter X, is also a 3DS exclusive and will apparently be an attempt to make the series more flashy and bold. Considering how notorious the series is for being punishingly difficult, we could be looking at a slightly simplified presentation, as well.

Not much else is known other than that the game will be launching later this year in Japan, but you can check out the Japanese trailer below.