Hitman Launches March 2016, Remaining Content Coming April, May And June

Hitman was recently delayed from its late 2015 release date to sometime early next year, though now we know that it will be launching on March 11th.

As you may know, the game will be releasing in an unfinished state, with additional free content coming in the following months to complete the story. The game will launch with 3 locations – Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh – and 6 campaign missions. Then in April, May and June new location will be added to the game for free.

“Each location will come with additional missions, signature kills and more Contracts targets – and of course new disguises, weapons and ways of taking out your target. April takes you to Thailand, May will see you visiting the United States of America and June sends you across the globe to Japan.”

Hitman Delayed To March 2016

The release plan for the new Hitman game is pretty interesting, as it will launch unfinished. The game will come with a certain amount of levels, and then throughout the year will receive regular free updates to complete the journey.

However, it looks like Square Enix needs more time to get things up to snuff, as the game has been delayed from its December 2015 release to March 2016.

Apparently, Square Enix is planning on using this delay so they can launch the game with more base content and release the free updates more frequently. The game releasing unfinished was a complaint that many gamers have been voicing since the announcement, so this is a smart move on their part.

In the meantime, Square Enix also released an infographic describing just how big the levels in Hitman will be compared to the series’ past. Check it out below.


The 2.0 Version Of Final Fantasy XV’s Dawn Trailer Is Much Better Than The Original

I remember when the Dawn trailer for Final Fantasy XV released and being completely underwhelmed. Very little footage was shown and most of it consisted of a man holding his son and crying.

Well, Square Enix has released a 2.0 version of that same trailer, and it truly is amazing how some editing and bits of new footage can give a completely different impression. This version of the trailer moved much more quickly and had a serious and dark tone to it that really sucked me in.

Final Fantasy XV will release at some point in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the Dawn 2.0 trailer for the game below.

Square Enix Cancels Final Fantasy Agito+

Square Enix had been deep into the development cycle for the PlayStation Vita’s Final Fantasy Agito+, though the company has just announced that the game has been cancelled.

All development on the game has abruptly halted, which is following a delay that would have released the game in January of next year. Square Enix has not provided details regarding why this game was cancelled, although it seems it may be something that is out of Square Enix’s control.

Problems persisted with the development of a PlayStation Vita version of the game, and Square Enix required some updates from Sony in order to fix them. Perhaps Sony changed their mind and decided this particular version of the game isn’t worth it?

Final Fantasy Agito is a prequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and for fans like myself who enjoyed that game it would be really cool to play this at some point.

LinkedIn Profile Reveals Kingdom Hearts 2.9 + Kingdom Hearts III Multiplayer

A former Square Enix employee’s LinkedIn page has revealed some very information regarding some upcoming Kingdom Hearts-related games.

First up is Kingdom Hearts 2.9, which we don’t have any official information on but I assume will be another re-release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 +2.5 in one package for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It could also be a little prequel game in the vein of Metal Gear Solid V’s Ground Zeroes, so it’s anybodies guess at this point.

The information on Kingdom Hearts III is even better. His profile reveals that he had been working on multiplayer for the game, which is a big feature that the series has never tackled before. He had also been holding meetings with Disney and Pixar. Pixar has never been featured in a Kingdom Hearts game before, so if this ends up happening for this game it will be incredible. If Toy Story was ever featured in a Kingdom Hearts game I’d probably explode.

Again, this is all just speculation until we get some actual details from Square Enix, which will more than likely happen at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.

This New Gameplay Trailer For Dragon Quest Heroes Rocks

My hype for Dragon Quest Heroes was at a pretty low level when I first heard about the game a while ago, but that has all changed. Square Enix has released a new gameplay trailer that shows off a bunch of new characters in action and it all looks friggin’ marvelous.

Dragon Quest Heroes

First up, the voice actors seem pretty solid, with nothing immediately jumping out to my ear drums that would make them ever want to spontaneously combust.  The visuals also look fantastic, with the Dragon Quest charm shining through more than ever with super vibrant colors and beautifully-designed characters.

I’m tellin’ ya, this trailer kind of sold me on this game!

Check out the new trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes directly below and see what it does for you.

Hitman Reboot Comes With 7 Missions At Launch

Next year’s reboot of the Hitman series, simply called Hitman, will have an interesting release plan. It’s not going to launch as a complete game, but instead as the beginning of a “season” that will be added to as the year goes on.

Hitman Game 2015

Now, thanks to a listing for the game on Amazon we have a little more information regarding what this means. According to Amazon, the physical copy of the game will come with seven missions for season one.

This is definitely a strange way to go about it, as apparently all content that is released post-launch will be free. However, that doesn’t change the fact that gamers will potentially be paying $60 right off the bat for a game will not have much content. This kind of thing requires the consumer to put a lot of trust in the publisher, though seeing as it’s Square Enix I won’t raise any warning flags just yet.

If it was EA or Ubisoft, though? I’d be running like a madman in the other direction.

Hitman will launch on December 8th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.