Big Reveals Planned For Sony’s Paris Games Week Show

Paris Games Week is coming soon, and Sony is getting everyone hyped up for their appearance with some new tidbits of information from Strategic Content Director Shahid Ahmad.

Ahmad posted a couple of messages on Twitter that seem to confirm that he’s had his eyes on what Sony is planning for the big show. According to him the lineup will be pretty fantastic, with him raving that he wished others could see what he has over the course of the last week.

He also responded to some users on Twitter regarding Sony’s showing, and he teased that gamers would be able to see some of the games up close and personal at the show. Paris Games Week will run from October 28th – November 1st.

Is PS4 Getting A $50 Price Cut?

It looks like Sony’s PlayStation 4 might be getting a price cut, if a listing posted by retailer Target is to be believed.

According to Target, the PlayStation 4 is set to be getting a new base price point of $349.99 – shaving $50 off the original price.

This isn’t too surprising, as the console recently got a price cut in Japan. With Sony holding an event this month at the Paris Game Show, we could be getting an announcement from them very soon.

PS4 Firmware Update 3.0 Launching Tomorrow

The 3.0 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 will be releasing tomorrow, Sony has revealed.

To accompany the announcement, Sony has also released a trailer which breaks down some of the new features and tweaks that will be a result of this new update. The updates seem to be very social-networking oriented, with the ability to stream gameplay to YouTube and post gameplay videos instantly through Twitter.

Check out the trailer for the PlayStation 4′ firmware update 3.0 directly below.

European Bloodborne Players Get A PlayStation 4 Theme For Getting The Platinum Trophy

Bloodborne is yet another extremely difficult game in an extremely difficult series, and for those who try to get platinum trophies the games are even more of a nightmare.

Bloodborne Platinum

However, if you’re a European gamer and you’ve managed to get the Platinum trophy then Sony has a little surprise waiting for you. What you get is an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme of Bloodborne, and as you can tell from the photo above it looks pretty friggin’ sick.

I have no idea why this is only for European gamers, though. What’s the deal, Sony? You don’t like us other people?

A Blue PlayStation Vita Is Coming To North America This November

You read that right, folks! It looks like Sony is acknowledging the existence of the PlayStation Vita by releasing a brand new version of the system later this year. The system is a GameStop exclusive, however, so if you’re anti-GameStop then I guess just ignore this news.

Here’s a snippet of Sony trying to make buying the system sound like a good idea:

“PS Vita is home to more than 1,000 games and sports the ability to stream most PlayStation 4 games from your PS4 via Remote Play. And with the recent launch of PlayStation Now on PS Vita and titles like Super Time Force Ultra, Super Meat Boy, and Minecraft: Story Mode making their way to PS Vita, it’s the perfect time to pick up the system.”

Blue PlayStation Vita

Sony PlayStation Vita

Sony’s Paris Games Week Conference Date Revealed

While Sony didn’t show up for this year’s Gamescom event and basically let Microsoft walk all over them as a result, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance to make up some ground elsewhere. An image has been uploaded by a NeoGAF user named foxbeldin that reveals Sony is planning to have a press conference during Paris Games Week on October 27th.

Unfortunately, we know very little regarding what kind of event this is, but there is some speculation revolving around a few major IPs from Sony that might just be making an appearance. Media Molecule’s strange and intriguing game Dreams is speculated to make an appearance, while more footage from the incredibly impressive Horizon: Zero Dawn may also show up

Apart from first-party games, we’ll probably hear more about some third-party games and even upcoming console bundles that will be releasing in time for the Christmas season. Check out the image confirming Sony’s participation in the Paris Games Week event below.

Might we hear a little something about the PlayStation Vita? No? Okay…

Sony Paris Games Week

Sony Is Letting Fans Vote On Future PlayStation Plus Games

PlayStation Plus members get to download several free games each month on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and the selection of games to download are usually really good. While there are sometimes some games that nobody really cares about playing, for the most part they do a good job of offering something that is on a lot of people’s wish lists.


However, PlayStation is looking to tailor to gamers’ wishes even more by allowing them to vote on what the next batch of free games will be. Here’s what SCEA’s John Koller said regarding this new system:

“The game with the most votes will automatically be included in our future free game lineup for PlayStation Plus. If your pick didn’t make the lineup, don’t worry. In the first promotion, PlayStation Plus members can get the runner ups at a discount. We love to listen to our fans – and we’re super excited to launch this promotion.”

This sounds like a pretty good idea to me, though I think the biggest worry is that the collective group of gamers might only vote for the more well known titles like current favorite Knack. Still, it’s a good idea to put discounts on the runner-up games, so the gamers who voted for those ones won’t be left too disappointing. More details will be released soon regarding the promotion, so stay tuned!