New Bloodborne Patch Makes Things A Little Easier

A laundry list of things set to smooth the game out a little.

Bloodborne remains the best reason to own a PlayStation 4 (other than the fact that it has the best controller, graphics, etc.) and now the devs are rolling out a new update to make some things a little easier.

The 1.04 build of the game will be bringing a bunch of minor tweaks to the table; such as more storage space, reduced stamina amounts for certain weapons and a lot more. Check out the full list below.

Bloodborne 1.04 patch notes:
    • By using password matching, you can now be matched regardless of level difference, and even with a hostile oath
    • Conditions for the appearance of the insight store changed: it will appear when the player has one or more insight instead of 10
    • Added a “blood chunk” item to the insight store (it will appear after playing the game up to a point).
    • Up to 600 Blood vials and quicksilver bullets can now be stored in the storage
    • Adjusted the strength of some enemies in some areas in new game plus
    • Adjusted the resistance and vulnerability of some enemies to bolt and arcane attacks
    • Changes made to how Beasthood accumulates. This increases duration and improves attack of beast mode
    • Adjusted the effect of Beast Blood Pellet item
    • Fixed a bug of the attack force of the Rifle Spear. In particular, it was fixed a problem with the use of Blood Gems
    • Reduced the stamina use of the Kirkhammer
    • Reduced the stamina use of the Logarius’ Wheel
    • Increased the duration of Old Hunter Bone and reduced the use of Quicksilver Bullets
    • Increased the duration of the effect of Tiny Tonitrus. Increased attack force. Attack force with low arcane will be higher.
    • Increased the duration of the effect of Augur of Ebrietas. Attack force with low arcane will be higher
    • Reduced the Quicksilver Bullet cost for use of A Call Beyond
    • Reduced the Quicksilver Bullet cost for use of Choir Bell
    • Added Short Ritual Root Chalice to the insight store after completing the Pthumeru Chalice dungeon
    • It’s possible to take advantage of the Short Ritual Root Chalice from an earlier stage of the game
    • Added a random rewards when killing a Chalice dungeon boss. They will now drop a random Blood Gem in addition to weapon enhancement materials
    • Different depths of Chalice Dungeons will now drop different Blood Stones

-Depth 1: Blood Stone Shard
-Depth 2: Twin Blood Stone Shard
-Depth 3: Twin Blood Stone Shard and Blood Stone Chunk (Rare)
-Depth 4: Blood Stone Chunk
-Depth 5: Blood Stone Chunk and Blood Rock (Rare)

  • Increased the level of Blood Gems available in Depth 1-3 Dungeons
  • Increased the amount of Blood Echoes dropped in Chalice Dungeons
  • Co-op partners joining a cursed dungeon will only see their HP reduced by 50%, and not by 65% as it was before
  • When starting co-op in a chalice dungeon, you will now spawn in the lantern room
  • Weapons with special names like “uncanny” and so forth can now be purchased from the Bath Messengers once found
  • Adjusted the brightness of the screen when finding a pool of Blood Echoes on the ground
  • Corrected the bug that disconnect you from online mode when in stand-by
  • Corrected a bug that caused enemies not to be displayed correctly for co-op guests when moving fast
  • Further tweaks and bug fixes

Bloodborne is developed by From Software exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It launched on March 24th, 2015.

Bloodborne Receiving An Expansion Later This Year

The best game so far this year will be getting more content somewhere down the line.

My current favorite game of the year, Bloodborne, is set to receive some new content somewhere down the line.

The news was confirmed on Twitter by president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida. While Yoshida didn’t delve into the specifics on the expansion, he did claim that more information will be released later this year. With E3 right around the corner we could be getting more information within a matter of weeks.

In other Bloodborne news, the game has recently received a new update, update 1.03, which finally addresses the game’s very long load times. On top of that, the load screens have also received text describing various elements of the game as was the case in previous entries in the Souls series.

Bloodborne is developed by From Software and is available to purchase now in all regions with a general retail price of $60. The title is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Someone Beat Bloodborne With A Rock Band Guitar Controller

As if this damn game wasn’t hard enough, Bearzly is back to make it even harder with a Rock Band controller.

Bloodborne is one of the hardest games that you can find on the market today, giving just about anyone who has played it nightmares. However, there are a few sickos out there that actually want to make it even harder than it already is, such as Twitch streamer Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin.

Bearzly has done the unthinkable and not only played Bloodborne with a Rock Band guitar controller, but he actually beat the entire game with one. You can check out the entire stream that he dubs “Guitarborne” right here or just check out one of the more challenging battles in the game below. 

Bloodborne was recently revealed to be the second best-selling video game of March 2015 right behind Battlefield: Hardline, though it was easily the best selling game when it came to console exclusives.

NPD Reveals Battlefield: Hardline Topped Sales Charts In March 2015

Battlefield: Hardline tops the month of March, though Bloodborne was easily the king of exclusives.

The latest NPD coverage has been made public and it reveals that Battlefield: Hardline was the best-selling game of March 2015.

It was a particularly strong month for games, in general, as From Software’s Bloodborne was #2 and Grand Theft Auto V popped up at #3. Mario Party 10 also did well showing up at #4, while Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD just barely squeezed in at #10. Bloodborne was easily the chart-topper when it comes to exclusives, and if it had been available on as many consoles as Battlefield: Hardline then it would have easily been the #1 game.

As for hardware, the PlayStation 4 remains the champion. A spokesperson for SCEA said the the following:

“We are truly honored PlayStation 4 is the top-selling console and No. 1 in software sales again according to NPD sales data for March 2015. PS4 remains the cumulative sales leader both globally and in the United States and we want to thank gamers worldwide for their ongoing support.”

Monthly software sales were also up 58% year-on-year, showcasing the fact that the gaming industry is doing just fine. Check out the full chart of games below, with the order of consoles signifying the highest-selling platform to lowest-selling platform.

  1. Battlefield: Hardline (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
  2. Bloodborne (PS4)
  3. Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3)
  4. Mario Party 10 (Wii U)
  5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
  6. MLB 15: The Show (PS4, PS3)
  7. Minecraft (Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)
  8. NBA 2K15 (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
  9. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (PS4, Xbox One)
  10. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4, Xbox One)

Condemn O.R. Condone – Bloodborne (PlayStation 4)

From Software returns with yet another masterpiece, easily giving the PlayStation 4 its best exclusive yet.

I’ve been singing the praises of From Software’s Souls series since 2009’s Demon’s Souls. That game (and Darks Souls I & II) features some of the most challenging gameplay enveloped in a beautifully-designed and ominous world I’ve ever played. When news came out that the next game in the “series” would drop the Souls moniker and be a PlayStation 4-exclusive, I was excited to see where the series would go next. Somehow, From Software have managed to use the same formula yet inject enough fresh air to make this yet another unforgettable adventure.

What is immediately apparent when booting up Bloodborne for the first time is just how damn beautiful it is. It’s great that this a PlayStation 4-exclusive as the graphics are incredible, but I’m talking even more so about the game’s design. The world of Yharnam exists within a gorgeous Gothic setting where few remaining humans are cowering from the beasts that have overrun it. The attention to detail found in every single object, from towering monuments to simple fixtures on a building, never fails to be jaw-dropping and really invites you to examine everything you come across with awe. This creates an even greater sense of dread than in previous Souls games, because everything here feels so authentically Gothic and sucks you into its mysterious world.

While Bloodborne‘s gameplay is similar to previous Souls games, the main difference this time is you can use a firearm. While this may, at first, seem like something that would make the game far easier, but the firearm is not utilized in the way you would think. Instead of switching between melee weapons and firearms, you instead have a firearm in one hand and a melee weapon in the other. The firearm is used more as a way to stun enemies just before they attack you in order to pull off a visceral attack, which you can use to deal big damage to your foes. It’s a cool little twist that changes up the gameplay nicely, which I didn’t expect considering I relied so heavily on shields in the other games.

Still, the core focus of the gameplay is even more so on hand-to-hand combat than ever before. Melee weapons are what will be dealing the majority of all damage you dish out in the game, and will pretty much be your go-to solution for any problem. There is even a new mechanic that allows you to transform your melee weapon from a short and quicker weapon to a long and slower weapon with the press of a button, allowing you to change up your strategy mid-battle to adjust to differing combat circumstances.

Another interesting addition to the gameplay is what is called the “Regain” system, which allows you to regain some lost health back if you deal damage quickly after being attacked. This mechanic works great with the gameplay, as it forces you to be more aggressive than you would have been in previous games. Your health is a fragile thing in Bloodborne, and anyone who has played any of these games knows that getting as much of it as you can is essential. Of course, this a risk/reward mechanic as it requires you to put yourself in harm’s way even more and potentially result in your untimely demise. It makes these battles more tense than they already are, and that is no small feat.

Where Bloodborne truly deviates from it’s predecessors is in the equipment department, with there being far less armor and weapons to discover and choose from than ever before. In fact, the main armor and weapons that I acquired in the first couple of hours of the game are what I ended up keeping for the duration, which was really strange considering I was so used to constantly finding new gear to compare and switch around before. However, it ends up working well in this game as it puts more emphasis on your own skill and wits to get by rather than constantly hunting for new and better gear to pump you up. The gear you do come across seems to have more of an emphasis on aesthetic than it does stat boosting, which is cool if you find a piece of armor that you really love and want to keep the whole way through.

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As for level progression, series veterans will feel right at home here as it works almost the same as it always has. You will defeat enemies and gather souls (now called Blood Echoes) that you take to the game’s hub world to level up your stats or weapons. Lanterns have replaced bonfires as the game’s checkpoint and hub world traversal system, continuing to be huge sighs of relief whenever one is stumbled upon. As always, being killed will result in you loosing all of your Blood Echoes and having one shot to regain them before they are lost forever. The big (and nerve-wracking) change here is that enemies can now actually pick up your Blood Echoes, causing the thieving monster’s eyes to glow to show which son of a terd you need to take down.

Your traversal of the world feels very much like a mishmash of all previous Souls games. All of the areas in the game are connected seamlessly for you to wander around in and explore like in Dark Souls, but you also have the safe-zone hub world to take a breather in like in Demon’s Souls. Shortcuts are also a crucial element to this game, as discovering one will allow you to travel from the nearest lantern to your current location while bypassing the countless treacheries you just overcame. It’s all designed as finely as From Software always designs these games, with just enough hardships for you to overcome before you just barely make it to a lantern or shortcut. It’s challenging as all hell, but it never feels cheap.

As for the story contained within these harrowing lands, the plot itself is as minimal and cryptic as ever, relying more on the player piecing it all together via in-game events or lore. It’s just enough to keep you engaged the whole way through, though hardcore fans will definitely be able to find little secrets that piece together a much bigger picture. Yharnam’s monster-filled towns, dungeons, woods and structures all have their own distinct personality, giving you a different kind of dread to feel each time. The game’s experience is more about the exploration of these areas and the uncovering of their dark secrets than it is a narrative-driven ordeal, and that has always been how these games work and it still works wonderfully here.

What has made all of these games have a unique sense of community with the message system is retained here in Bloodborne, with players being able to leave a tip on the ground that will be seen by others in the same area if they are connected online to help them out or occasionally misguide them to a sudden death. These are now represented by bubbling spots that reveal a small group of creepy messengers holding up the tip, making even one of the series’ most friendly features feel creepy now. Blood spots are still there to show you how a particular player ended up dying in that area, as well as the always-horrifying experience of being invaded by another player in a battle for each other’s Blood Echoes. Thankfully, if you don’t like being invaded you can hunt down and kill the area’s bell caller to stop invasions from continuing, which is much-appreciated if you had been regularly getting your rear ended handed to you.

Although the main game is shorter than the most recent games in the series, the new Chalice dungeons are a great way to keep you coming back for more outside of New Game +. Chalice Dungeons are randomly-generated areas that are accessed by finding Chalices in the main game, containing challenges and monsters that you won’t even find in the main game. Your tasked with navigating a relatively-small area where you must find switches to unlock doors that will eventually lead you to an ultimate boss fight. It’s a really cool new feature because your always going to get a unique experience, meaning that you could potentially continue playing just these dungeons for a very long time without tiring of them.

If there is any gripe at all that I can make with Bloodborne, it is the game’s current loading time situation. Loading regularly takes around 30 seconds and can even climb closer to a full minute, which gets old really fast. It would be one thing if these load times were infrequent, but in a game where you die so frequently it results in you having to sit through them very often. From Software is planning on fixing these load times later this month, but as of right now they remain a serious bummer for everyone.

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Outside of technical issues, though, Bloodborne is yet another masterpiece created by From Software. The world they have created here is more sinister than ever before, containing just enough tweaks to the gameplay to make it feel like a fresh take. It’s an expertly-crafted culmination of everything the series has attempted so far, while also streamlining the experience to create an even more intense experience. From Software continues to be the king of challenging gameplay in this generation of games, and Bloodborne is just the latest trophy on their wall to convey that fact.


Bloodborne Patch Reducing Long Load Times Coming This Month

Many have already completed the game several times, but that won’t stop Bloodborne’s load time patch from releasing later this month.

Bloodborne is an incredible game and is easily the best exclusive that the PlayStation 4 has had yet. However, if there is one flaw that can be pointed out for the game, it is the very long load times. Being another entry in From Software’s Souls series, it’s very difficult and requires a lot of trial and error, meaning that you’ll be seeing the load screen a lot. As it stands, the load screens can last 15-20 seconds, which gets old really quickly.

However, From Software recently said that they plan to release a patch that will reduce these long load times, and now they are saying that this very patch will be coming this month. From Software said the following on the PlayStation Blog:

“As we confirmed previously, the 1.03 update seeks to reduce certain load times in addition to performance optimizations. The patch also resolves an issue that resulted in abnormal game behavior after many continuous hours of play. Additional fixes will be included as well.”

Bloodborne launched last month exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and has received rave reviews, despite the load times. From Software has been hitting home run after home run with the Souls series, so lets hope they can keep the good times rolling.

The Hunt Begins With Bloodborne’s “Undone By The Blood” Trailer

Oh damn that is one creepy trailer.

It won’t be long before From Software’s highly-anticipated Bloodborne is on store shelves, and Sony has released a creepy as hell new trailer just in case anyone wasn’t on board with the game yet.

The trailer is basically a montage of several of the things that will haunt your dreams after playing the game, with this game giving off even more of a sense of dread than even Dark Souls did. Check it out below. 

Bloodborne will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 24th.