Sony Says PS4 Will Never Be Backward Compatible With PS3 Games

Microsoft has been killing it over the past few months with backward compatibility for the Xbox One, allowing gamers to play an ever growing amount of Xbox 360 games on the new system. Of course, this has put the pressure on Sony to offer something similar to PlayStation fans, but it’s looking like that will never happen.

During Paris Games Week Sony’s Yoshida was asked by a French fan whether or not backward compatibility was coming to PlayStation 4, to which he replied with a big fat “no.”

So, if you’ve been holding out for your PlayStation 4 to offer you something similar to what Xbox One fans have then you’re out of luck. It’s not a big deal to me because all of my systems still work and I play mostly newer games anyways.

Hidden Surprises Have Been Placed In Until Dawn For Halloween

As far as creepy games go for this year, Until Dawn is up there with the best of them to be played around Halloween. It might not have released during the spookiest month of the year, but that isn’t stopping developer Supermassive Games from having a little fun.

The developer posted a message on Twitter teasing that owners of the game would have some hidden surprises to find starting today until Halloween. The hidden surprises have since been revealed as pumpkins, and the game asks you to tweet your best pumpkin screenshot with the hashtag #UntilDawnPumpkin. Check out the tweet below.


The New NieR Game Is Called NieR Automata

The fact that NieR would be getting a sequel was revealed over the Summer during E3, but since then information has been pretty scarce on this unexpected sequel.

Thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu, however, we now have a bit more on the game. The game is officially titled NieR Automata and is set in the distant future on a devastated Earth. Check out a brief synopsis of the game below via Gematsu:

““Yorha,” the distant future. Earth was invaded by machine life forms and humanity fled to the moon. On a defense base satellite orbiting the planet, Androids have been fighting the invadoers in place of humans.

During the 14th Drop Operation, the new-type android unit “Yorha” troop is attacked unexpectedly and only four remain (No. 2, No. 4, No. 16, and NO. 21).

The machine life forms charge at them, but they are saved by the older androids who survived on Earth, “Resistance.” The members of Yorha and Resistance join forces in a do-or-die battle against the machine life forms…”

A release date for NieR Automata is unknown at this time.

Here Are The Free Xbox Games With Gold For November 2015

The line-up of free games for Xbox’s Games With Gold promotion has been revealed, once again granting two free Xbox One games and two free Xbox 360 games.

The selection this time around is definitely weaker than in previous months, but you can’t really complain when you’re dealing with free stuff. Scroll down to see what the games are and how long they’ll be available.

Games With Gold 2015

Nintendo’s Launch Schedule Reveals Zelda Wii U Still Not Listed For 2016 Release

The updated launch schedule for Nintendo’s video games has been released as a part of their annual report, and it reveals some very interesting information regarding The Legend of Zelda Wii U.

The game was originally targeting a release later this year, but after Nintendo confirmed that they were no longer aiming for that release window the release date dropped to TBD 2016. However, looking through the launch schedule for their games and checking out the Legend of Zelda Wii U part reveals that it is still listed as TBD.

While the game still as a chance to release at some point in 2016, this continued lack of a solid release windows lends credence to what a lot of people are speculating: Nintendo is delaying it to launch on their next console. Nintendo wants to do everything they can to ensure that their next system doesn’t share the same fate as the Wii U, and what better way to launch a new console then with a new Zelda game? They did it with Twilight Princess and the Wii, and we all know how *that* one turned out!

Check Out Bloodborne: The Old Hunters’ Paris Games Week Trailer Right Here

Bloodborne got some love at Paris Games Week with a new trailer being revealed for the game’s upcoming expansion, The Old Hunters. If you missed the trailer you can check it out below.

While nothing huge was revealed as a result of this trailer, it did show off a new weapon and boss featured in the game. Unsurprisingly, things look really grim and I’m more than likely going to die 500 times while playing it.

The Old Hunters will be available to download exclusively on PlayStation 4 on November 24th, 2015.

Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer To Contain Microtransactions From The Beginning

Tons of information regarding Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is spilling out thanks to Paris Games Week, though the latest news pertains to the controversial microtransactions.

However, according to the game’s lead multiplayer designer, Robert Cogburn, “Microtransactions will be available at launch, but we’ll have no gameplay items that will be gated through microtransactions.”

Going further, he adds that all gameplay items like weapons, items, and upgrades will be purchasable with in-game money, with microtransactions more than likely being used for aesthetic purchases.