‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ Is 5 Times Bigger Than The First Game

Xenoblade Chronicles X is set to be a much bigger game than its predecessor in more ways than one.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is set to launch this April in Japan and some point later down the line in the USA, though new details have emerged regarding the successor to Xenoblade Chronicles.

In an interview with Tetsuya Takahashi in the latest issue of Japanese Gaming publication Famitsu, Takahashi dropped several bits of info on what improvements Xenoblade Chronicles X will be making over the original.

The interview was translated by a member on NeoGAF, which is posted below. Please note that their is some broken English in the quoted list:

  • Xenoblade was traditional RPG, whereas XenobladeX is an open world RPG. Xenoblade was linear despite having big world. XenobladeX you will get quests from different places and have more freedom.
  • Xenoblade had 1 vocal song at the end, but XenobladeX has many vocal song. (Many for RPG)
  • Mira is 400km^2 which is 5 times Xenoblade. So there is Dolls which can fly. Also you can check your location via gamepad
  • Battle system is based on Xenoblade, but it’s faster paced and more action packed.
  • 4 player party, you control 1 and AI controls the rest.
  • Number of unique monsters and equipments have increased from Xenoblade.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is developed by Monolith Soft exclusively for the Wii U.

New ‘Magicka 2’ Trailer Featuring Vlad (Er… Brad) Is Hilarious

Vlad has a lot on his mind, and you can find out just what those things are in this hilarious new trailer for Magicka 2.

Magicka developer Paradox Entertainment is set to follow-up the success of the original and quirky action RPG with a sequel coming sometime this year. Magicka 2 is set to release not only on PC like the original did, but will also be coming to the PlayStation 4. If you weren’t interested before, watching the newly-released trailer for the game will probably get you on board.

In the trailer we have a therapy session with a therapist speaking with Vlad (excuse me, Brad). Brad is very distraught for a variety of hilarious reasons, so its better to just see what those reasons are for yourself via the trailer below. The trailer is titled ‘Magicka 2 – An Interview Without the Vampire’.

EA Reveals That ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Was Most Successful Launch Ever For BioWare

Dragon Age: Inquisition was BioWare’s biggest launch ever, just don’t ask EA for any concrete numbers.

BioWare had to endure some mixed responses from fans and critics alike over the past couple of years, as both Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3 did not live up to expectations. Whether it was Dragon Age II dumbing down the original game’s epic formula or Mass Effect 3 offering ending choices that everyone hated, each game did something that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Which is why it’s great to hear that Dragon Age: Inquisition was not only loved by fans and critics alike, but also sold extremely well. Publisher EA has just stated in their Financial Release that Inquisition was the most successful launch in BioWare’s history, which far exceeded the publishers estimated sales for the game.

Unfortunately, the publisher did not release any concrete sales numbers, so we’re more or less taking their word for it at this point. This is a time where I would believe them, though, as Dragon Age: Inquisition was critically-acclaimed, won several game of the year awards and is still being played by a whole bunch of people to this very day.

Nintendo Was The Best Publisher Of 2014 According To Metacritic’s 5th Annual Game Publisher Rankings

Nintendo was the most consistently good major publisher, while Telltale Games was at the top of the list for mid-sized publishers.

Metacritic has now published their 5th Annual Game Publisher Rankings, which ranks major and mid-sized publishers based on critic reviews from 2014. Nintendo was the clear major publisher victor and only major publisher to end the year in the “green zone”, which is achieved when you are at a score of 75 or higher. Nintendo finished the year at 76.5.

Overall, 8 major publishers were ranked in 2014, with Sony landing in the #4 spot and Microsoft landing in the #6 spot. The year’s worst major publisher was Activision Blizzard, which finished the year with a rating of 67.1. Interestingly enough, Ubisoft finished second with a rating of 74.1. They may be the publishers that everyone loves to poke fun at, but when all is said and done they had a pretty decent year outside of some shaky game launches.

The site always makes a point to separate the major publishers and the mid-size publishers, which boils down the amount of unique games released from each publisher. A publisher was considered “major” if they released 14 or more unique titles in 2014, while publishers were considered “mid-size” if they released between 6 and 13 unique titles in 2014.

As far as the mid-size publishers go, Telltale Games (unsurprisingly) comes out on top with an average rating of 79.7 beating out the runner-up Paradox Interactive by 2 whole points and being the highest-rated publisher overall for the year of 2014. Focus Home Interactive sits at the bottom of the barrel, mustering up an unimpressive rating of 64.4.

Below I’ve listed both the major and mid-sized publishers rankings. Keep in mind that the ranking is not decided solely by average metascore, but also takes into account the percentage of “good” and “bad” reviews and the number of “great” titles released. As such, the listing below may seem out of order even though it is accurate. You can check out the full article and explanations for everything right here.

Major Publishers

  1. Nintendo – 76.5
  2. Ubisoft – 74.1
  3. Electronic Arts – 74.5
  4. Sony – 72.5
  5. Square Enix – 71.7
  6. Microsoft – 68.9
  7. Bandai Namco Games – 68.0
  8. Activision Blizzard – 67.1

Mid-Sized Publishers

  1. Telltale Games – 79.7
  2. Paradox Interactive – 77.7
  3. Capcom – 76.9
  4. Take-Two Interactive – 75.7
  5. Sega – 73.1
  6. Zen Studios – 74.8
  7. Devolver Digital – 76.0
  8. Konami – 71.5
  9. Slitherine – 71.4
  10. NIS America – 65.7
  11. Warner Bros. Interactive – 70.7
  12. Koei Tecmo – 68.0
  13. Atlus Co. – 67.7
  14. 505 Games – 64.1
  15. Aksys Games – 62.8
  16. Deep Silver – 62.5
  17. Focus Home Interactive – 64.4

There’s A Whole Lot Of Raid Mode In ‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2’

I hope you like Raid Mode, because you are going to be drowning in raid missions.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is set to bring back the Raid Mode from the original game, and now Capcom has spilled the beans on what the new and improved mode will bring to the table.

Well, first of all, each episode is set to include a whole bunch of missions. In fact, the first episode alone will have a whopping 54 raid mode missions for gamers to play around with that will come packed with 3 different difficulties. When all is said and done and all of the episodes are out, there will be over 200 raid missions. DAMN.

Raid Mode will be compatible with split-screen co-op, though online co-op will not be available until the final episode releases in March. The mode is set to feature a variety of new weapons, skills and characters to choose from, with more possibly coming as DLC… because money.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is developed by Capcom for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita. The first episode is set to launch on February 24th, with the retail version including all 4 episodes releasing on March 18th.

Episodes Of ‘Life Is Strange’ Will Release Every 6 Weeks

Each episode of developer Dontnod’s Life Is Strange will have a sturdy release schedule.

Life Is Strange is all set to release the first of its proposed 5 episodes on January 30th, which will be available to purchase for $5 individually or as part of a $20 season pass that gets you all the episodes.

The problem with many episodic adventures, however, is that the release of the subsequent episodes are always unknown and uneven. Thankfully, Life Is Strange developer Dontnod is assuring everyone that the rest of the episodes will release once every 6 weeks. So, you not only have plenty of time to play through each episode, but you also won’t be waiting an eternity for the next entry (coughKENTUCKYROUTEZEROcough).

Life Is Strange is developed for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The first episode is titled Chrysalis.

New ‘Hyrule Warriors’ Wallpaper Released As Game Ships 1 Million Copies

Have some new Hyrule Warriors wallpaper, because how else do you celebrate passing 1 million copies?!

Hyrule Warriors has been a pretty big success for the Wii U, as it has been reported that the game shipped 1 million copies since it launched last Fall. The milestone was revealed by the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu.

So, as a sort-of celebration for pushing 1 million copies, you can now download a handful of new Hyrule Warriors wallpaper. The new backgrounds are pretty nice looking, so if you’re into that sort of thing you can check them out right here.

Hyrule Warriors is developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja exclusively for the Wii U.