Debut Trailer For Demon Gaze Revealed

Dungeon-crawling madness coming this April

Demon Gaze is an upcoming RPG for the PlayStation Vita developed by Kadokawa Games. It is a dungeon crawler and takes place thousands of years after the events of Students of the Round, which was created by the same developer. The game now has a debut trailer, showing off all of the zany characters and action contained within.

Although the game doesn’t give *too* much of the gameplay, you can really tell that it has a lot of RPG-style elements with the turn-based battle mechanic that is briefly on display. Check out the trailer below.

Condemn OR Condone:

The trailer has a lot of interesting things going on with the typically crazy-looking characters and setting. The fact that it mentions it being the next era of RPG’s, which sounds freakin’ great, in my opinion. The RPG genre is one that definitely should be more popular, so whenever a new one comes along I get this big stupid grin on my face… and it tends to stay there for a few hours.

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 Packs The Crossbow

The bow is back to terrorize your neighborhood


The iconic crossbow from the original BioShock will be returning in BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2, though this time it will have some new bells and whistles. Continue reading “BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 Packs The Crossbow”

Waluigi Gets The Shaft In New Super Smash Bros. Game

Waluigi, once again, is left out in the cold


Waluigi is a character that is, without question, an afterthought. Mario got his mirrored-nemesis in the form of Wario, so they decided they needed to come up with someone to be the evil side of the coin for Luigi. The character they came up with was Waluigi. The name alone tells you the whole 9 seconds of thought they put into this character. Continue reading “Waluigi Gets The Shaft In New Super Smash Bros. Game”

New Tony Hawk Game Is Mobile Only

No Tony Hawk on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for you!


Rumors have been swirling around about a new Tony Hawk game and fans have been absolutely foaming at the mouth at just the thought of a new Tony Hawk game on their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Well, Tony Hawk himself has spilled the beans on the matter and has confirmed that the game is only coming to mobile devices. Boo… Continue reading “New Tony Hawk Game Is Mobile Only”

Demon Gaze Will Have Disgaea Cameo DLC At Launch

Want more Disgaea in your Demon Gaze? Well, here you go!


NIS America has announced that their upcoming game Demon Gaze will be offering Disgaea Cameo DLC for free for the first month when it launches later this year on April 22nd. The Cameo DLC is thanks to the collaboration of Kadokawa Games and Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. and will be available in both North America and Europe. Continue reading “Demon Gaze Will Have Disgaea Cameo DLC At Launch”

Nintendo Is Ending Wi-Fi For Wii And DS

Bye-bye online fun stuff


For those of you who are still getting some use out of the Wi-fi for your Wii and/or DS, I have some bad news for you. Nintendo has announced that it is ending it’s wi-fi service for both systems on May 20th, effectively eliminating all of the online goodness you were able to enjoy at one time. Continue reading “Nintendo Is Ending Wi-Fi For Wii And DS”

Someone Else Is Telling Nintendo To Adopt Smartphone Gaming

This guy wants Mario as a phone game


Nintendo can’t seem to catch a break these days. With the poor sales of Wii U, stocks dropping and many claiming that they are irrelevant, the bad news just doesn’t seem to be stopping. Now we can add to that thanks to Seth Fischer, who is one of Asia’s best-known hedge fund managers.  Continue reading “Someone Else Is Telling Nintendo To Adopt Smartphone Gaming”