Nintendo Will Not Abandon Wii U


Things have not been looking very good for Nintendo lately, to say the least. After very disappointing sales figures for the holiday season, the famous gaming company had to cut the sales estimates for the Wii U‘s 2013 financial year from 9 million units to just 2.8 million units. As a result of that travesty, Nintendo’s stocks took a sizable plunge and even the 3ds’ numbers were downgraded despite several critically-acclaimed games were released for the system. Continue reading “Nintendo Will Not Abandon Wii U”

Condemn or Condone: ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’

It’s time to talk about the game that made ‘A Link Between Worlds’ possible


I know that the game that everyone has been talking about this year has been the brand new Zelda game called A Link Between Worlds (which is winning many Game of the Year awards), but I feel like it’s predecessor is something that should be getting a lot more discussion for making A Link Between Worlds possible. In a long line of fantastic games in The Legend of Zelda franchise, A Link to the Past is the entry that many consider to be the best (or at least tied with Ocarina of Time). That is no small praise, and in anticipation for the 3DS entry, I downloaded the game on Wii Virtual Console (hey, it’s getting some use!). Let me tell you that even though it is a Super Nintendo title, it holds up remarkably well. Continue reading “Condemn or Condone: ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’”

Nintendo Direct E3 Broadcast Wrap-up

Nintendo unveils some solid new additions to Wii U and 3DS catalogs.


shhAfter all of the hype and drama surrounding yesterday’s Sony and Microsoft press conferences, it is time to give the microphone to Nintendo. A lot of people seem to have  forgotten about the big N, and maybe that’s because a lot of people don’t consider the Wii U a next-gen console and they the think the name Wii U is freakin’ stupid (which it is). Regardless of the reasons, Nintendo still has things to say about what lies ahead for its new system, and I will be breaking it all down in this post. Continue reading “Nintendo Direct E3 Broadcast Wrap-up”

New Mario Game For Wii U This Fall?

Mario is coming back, son!

Super Mario Bros Super Show

shhThings have not been going so well for Nintendo, and when things get rough, it’s time to give Mario a call. Nintendo is reportedly planning a new Mario title for Wii U to be launched this fall. CVG has reported that an October release is likely, with this information stemming from discussions with executive-level retail representatives. There isn’t much else that has been let loose, but just the fact that a new Mario game is coming so suddenly is enough to grab attention. Continue reading “New Mario Game For Wii U This Fall?”