Starbreeze Makes Up 15 Year Loss In 6 Months

Here’s proof that you should never give up


Game studio Starbreeze has announced some truly incredible news today, as they have released their half-year earnings report that contains staggering sales numbers. The company has managed to overcome a 15-year monetary loss in only 6 months thanks to games like Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons.

Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint said the following in the company’s half-year earnings report: “To put the past six months in perspective, I would like to highlight that Starbreeze historically, from 1998 to June 2013, accumulated a total loss of SEK 94 million (around $14.4 million). Thanks to our new business model, reorganization and a focus on our own brands, we have – in only two quarters – generated a profit before tax of SEK 104 million (around $16 million).

Condemn OR Condone:

That is an incredible turn of events. It’s always great to hear that a company that had been down on its luck for so many years was able to reverse all of that in a fraction of that time. Hopefully the success continues and we can get more games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

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