Microsoft Buys ‘Gears Of War’ Franchise From Epic Games

Gears of War will now be run by a different company. *GASP*



Microsoft has made the announcement that they have acquired all of the rights to the hugely popular Gears of War franchise from Epic Games. Their new outfit Black Tusk Studios will be developing future installments in the franchise, and will be using Epic’s Unreal Engine.

The Gears of War franchise has become a bit stale after last year’s game, so learning that the series is being handed off to someone else doesn’t upset me as much as I’m sure it will some others. Also, series veteran Rod Fergusson has joined Microsoft and will definitely be an important part in the series’ future. Things might not end up being all that different for the series, when it all comes down to it, though I do hope that these guys try some new things that breathes new life into the franchise. I’d say it really needs it at this point.


Author: Mike Guarino

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