Order Pizza on Xbox 360!?

Xbox does everything. EVERYTHING!



shhAre you craving some pizza but don’t want to stop playing Xbox to order some? Well, dear 360 players, now you don’t have to. Microsoft and Pizza Hut have joined forces and launched an app that allows you to order any kind of pizza you want from the system.shh

You can get the whole Pizza Hut menu through this app, and you are able to assemble the pizza using the controller, Kinect and voice commands.

“We’re always looking at ways to give our audience more of what they’re interested in,” Larry Hyrb said to Polygon. “If you look at our audience, they love pizza. I mean, who doesn’t? It has international appeal, and Pizza Hut is a recognized brand that matches up well with the Xbox brand.”

The app, called Pizza Hut for Xbox, launches today in North America, which comes with a 15% discount for the first two weeks.shh

Author: Mike Guarino

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