Final Fantasy XV Playable From Beginning To End, Now Being Polished


An update has been regarding the state of Final Fantasy XV, which went into a lot detail on what is next for the highly-anticipated game.

It was revealed that the game is now playable from beginning to end, which gives the staff a birds-eye view of what they have so far. Beyond this point the game will now be polished and more advanced features will be added to improve and refine what they’ve got right now.

More importantly, it was said that the entire first half of the game is essentially completed. Learning this, it sounds like the game is moving along in development at a solid pace, and the light at the end of the tunnel is quickly coming into view.

Final Fantasy XV is easily one of my most anticipated games to come around in a longtime, especially considering my love for the PlayStation 1 games. The series definitely lost its way in recent years, but everything I’ve seen so far regarding XV gives me hope that the series can get back on the path of greatness once again.

Author: Mike Guarino

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