Santa Monica Is Sharing Strange And Cryptic Images Throughout Social Media

God of War Ascension

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of any major projects coming out of Santa Monica Studio, with their last major release being 2013’s solid-yet-underwhelming God of War: Ascension. However, the studio is being very sneaky and posting several images throughout Facebook, NeoGAF, Twitter and Reddit¬†teasing… something?

God of War Ascension

All of the linked GIFs shared above added together result in a brief sequence of someone turning in a pirouette, though anything beyond that is a mystery. It seems very unlikely that this would be at all related to the God of War franchise at this point, though I would have to give the devs major props if they decide to get ambitious and make Kratos a murderous ballerina.

Despite the cryptic imagery we may not have to wait much longer for answers, as both The Game Awards and Sony’s PlayStation Experience are coming up that will surely reveal some more information regarding this mystery.

Author: Mike Guarino

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