PS Vita L2/R2 Triggers Now Available For Pre-Order Via Play-Asia


It seems like the only thing that people talk about regarding the PlayStation Vita anymore is its remote play feature with the PlayStation 4, and that very feature is getting some new gear to make it even better very soon.


Joetsu Electronic Industries has revealed that they will be releasing an accessory for the original model of the PlayStation Vita that essentially adds L2 and R2 triggers to the handheld. This is vital for remote play with PlayStation 4, as many of the L2/R2 functions usually have to be awkwardly mapped to touch screen controls.

This accessory was previously only available in Japan, but thankfully Play-Asia is changing that and letting Western gamers get in on the fun. The accessory for the original PlayStation Vita model is $29.99, whereas the version for the newer models of the system costs $20 more.

Author: Mike Guarino

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