10 World Premiers Of Games Will Happen During Next Month’s Game Awards

The Game Awards 2015

The Game Awards will be returning for another round next month after last year’s debut went surprisingly well as far as video game awards shows go, and now host Geoff Keighley is promising big things for the follow-up.

The Game Awards 2015

According to a messageĀ he posted on twitter, the event will include the world premier for 10 video games. There’s no specific details on whether or not this means first official gameplay premiers of 10 new games altogether, though last year’s event did show trailers for already announced games. Maybe we’ll finally get some gameplay for Dishonored 2?

The Game Awards 2015 will take place in Los Angeles, California on December 3rd, 2015, with the event beginning atĀ 9pm ET/6pm PT. I tuned into last year’s show and was pleasantly surprised with how well executed it was, even though there are some award categories that seem completely superfluous to me and served as nothing more than a way to fill more time.

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