Ghost In The Shell: First Assault Launching Next Month On Steam

Ghost In The Shell First Assault

Next month Steam will be hosting the launch of Ghost in the Shell: First Assault, which is a first-person shooter based on the beloved anime. The game will also receive a closed beta that is coming soon that you can sign up for by clicking right here.

Here’s a snippet of the description for the game from the above trailer:

“Players will advance and master their character with upgrades and unlocks as they succeed in combat. Each character has exclusive attributes that reflect features of the original franchise. Adding a unique layer to the experience, each of these characters can be customized with specialized body augmentations, weapon attachments and enhanced abilities. First Assault also features “SkillSync,” which allows players to leverage shared cyber-abilities with nearby teammates in combat modes to augment and increase their skills. By using SkillSync in smart and tactical ways, teammates can work together in devastating combinations in battle.”

As you can spot from the like to dislike ratio on the YouTube video, a lot of fans are upset about this game due to the fact that it’s taking a beloved license and turning it into what they think will be a mindless shooter. I don’t like to judge games too much until I’ve actually played them, but it actually doesn’t look too bad to me. Then again, I haven’t personally seen the original anime so I have no idea if this is completely different from that. We’ll all find out soon enough!

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