Here’s Some Footage From The Monster Hunter X Gameplay Demo

Monster Hunter X

Monster Hunter X will serve as a spinoff for the series, and now a gameplay demo has been made available on the Nintendo eShop. For those of you who would rather just watch gameplay footage rather than play it themselves, I’ve got you covered.

The demo is currently only available on the Japanese eShop, but that hasn’t stopped YouTuber Arekkz Gaming from getting in on the action. The demo allows you to pick from 3 monsters, 3 quests and 14 weapons. In this particular footage Arekkz is battling a┬áHororohoruru (say that 3 times fast).

An interesting fact about this demo is that it is only good for 30 plays, and after that it will be just disappear from your system. Thus, if you want to school the system you should just put your system on standby to avoid your play count from dropping. Hooray for loopholes!

Monster Hunter X will launch exclusively for the 3DS in Japan on November 28th, 2015, a release date has not been announced yet for the USA, but when it does I’ll let you know!

Author: Mike Guarino

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