Free Bloodborne Update Adds New Covenant And More NPC Summons

Bloodborne The Old Hunters

Bloodborne will be getting a paid expansion this month called The Old Hunters, but for those of you who won’t be purchasing it will still be glad to know that you’ll still be getting some new content.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, SCE Japan Studio Producer Maasaki Yamagiwa detailed what this new free content is all about:

  • A new covenant is being added to the fray called The League, which allows you to assist other players online and compete in online leaderboards.
  • Additional NPC summons are being added, allow you to bring in more characters to help you get through rough spots in the game.

A release date for this free update was not given, but the paid expansion called The Old Hunters will release on November 25th.

Author: Mike Guarino

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