Want Moogles In Final Fantasy XV? The Devs Want To Know

Moogles Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV currently does not have moogles in the game, though if the demand for the furry little fellows is high enough Square Enix may consider adding them in.

The official Japanese twitter account for the game has started a poll asking whether or not fans want moogles in the Final Fantasy XV.

The above tweet reads, “Do you want moogles to appear in Final Fantasy XV?” The top option is yes and the bottom one is no, though remember that the results of this poll won’t absolutely decide whether moogles are included or not.

Personally, I’m not the biggest moogle fan and find them extremely annoying now that they’re voice acted. I could deal with them well enough back in the day, but those annoying voices that say kupo every five seconds starts grating on me pretty quickly.

However, the poll is currently leaning widely in favor of them being incorporated into the game, which puts me in the minority on this one.

Author: Mike Guarino

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