Nintendo Reveals Club Nintendo To Be Replaced By Nintendo Account


Club Nintendo, the rewards system for loyal Nintendo customers, officially shut down over the Summer as a means to make room for a brand new system. That new system has officially been named Nintendo Account.

This new system is aiming to be much more hip and modern compared the old one, with fans being able to log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google or email. Thankfully, friend codes have been completely removed from the equation.

This Nintendo Account will also be accessible through a variety of different platforms, like Nintendo systems, smartphones and even PC. This will allow you to do things like purchase new games and queue up them up to be downloaded on their respective Nintendo device.

Of course, the biggest aspect of this system is the new rewards system that is called My Nintendo. This new system will launch in March 2016 and will allow you to earn points by both buying and playing games. More information is expected to be revealed in the coming months, but rewards include merchandise, DLC and discounts.

Author: Mike Guarino

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