Sony Confirms No First Party Titles In Development For PlayStation Vita

Vita Sad

The PlayStation Vita has gradually fallen further and further off of the public’s radar, with most games appearing on the system also popping up on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. Not only that, but the few exclusives that it has had are either being ported or re-imagined for the PlayStation 4, making the amount of reasons for someone to actually by the system shrink more and more.

Sony is doing nothing to change anyone’s mind on that topic, as executive vice president Masayasu Ito spoke to 4gamer where he revealed that there are no first party titles in development for the Vita. Here’s what he said:

“Currently, there are no first party titles that are in development for the PlayStation Vita. Third-party companies are working hard on the PlayStation Vita, so we here at SCE have strategized to focus on our new platform of PlayStation 4.”

That’s a nice way to put it, but in reality they’ve all but abandoned the poor handheld. It’s a damn shame, too, as the PlayStation Vita is one of the best constructed handhelds ever, in my not so humble opinion. It’s got the power, it’s got a great design and UI, and that beautiful OLED screen is a sight to behold. I know that their focus is pretty much entirely on PlayStation 4, but I still love playing on the Vita when I’m given the chance to.

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