The Star Wars Battlefront Holiday Commercial Is Pretty Funny

Star Wars Battlefront

In case you haven’t heard there’s this thing called Star Wars that nobody will shut up about, and a new movie and game will be coming out before the year’s end. The game is called Star Wars Battlefront, and Sony has released what they’re calling a holiday commercial for the game.

As far as commercials go I thought this one was pretty funny, because I’m pretty sure just about anyone would like to throw their chair through a window and fly around a city shooting lasers. Still, I’m in the minority here as I honestly don’t care about Star Wars any where near the degree that most do. Hopefully the game’s a decent time, though!

Star Wars Battlefront is developed by DICE for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and will launch on November 17th, 2015.


Author: Mike Guarino

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