New Documents Prove Destiny’s Story Was Substantially Revised Before Launch

Destiny Revised

The hype levels for Bungie’s Destiny were through the roof, as it was to be the first new IP they created since Halo. Both the alpha and beta were great and got everyone pumped for what everyone assumed was a lot more to come.

However, the game launched with little content and hardly any story at all, and extensions of this story have been released in the subsequent months as paid DLC. Many suspected that the game’s original story was cut up and revised so Activision could sell it in parts and make more money, and it looks like we finally have some proof of that.

New documents that were published by Venturebeat regarding the lawsuit between Bungie employee Maty O’Donnell and the studio confirm that Destiny’s story was “substantially” revised just a year before launch. You can click right here to view the documents and see everything for yourself.

Author: Mike Guarino

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