Destiny: The Taken King Launch Trailer Has Lots Of Shooting And… Led Zeppelin?

Destiny The Taken King

Bungie has revealed the launch trailer for Destiny‘s next expansion, The Taken King, which is set to be the biggest expansion that the MMOFPS has received yet. Check it out directly below.

As far as gameplay trailers go, this one is a bit strange. There’s some new clips that show off a bit of the story expansion and a heck of a lot of shooting, which is what you would expect. However, the song that accompanies the gameplay is “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin, which is really weird. Don’t get me wrong, I friggin’ love Led Zeppelin and I’m pretty amazed that they even OK’d the use of the song for the trailer, but the tone of the song and the tone of the game are completely different. “Black Dog” is a really fun and up-beat song and Destiny┬átakes itself very seriously.

Author: Mike Guarino

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