Final Fantasy XV Director Talks Game’s Story, Length And Making The Series More Accessible

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is coming at some point next year, though a solid release date has yet to be revealed. However, more information is expected to be dropping over the span of the next couple of months that will shed more light on this highly anticipated game. In the meantime, the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, had a talk with Game Central where answered some very interesting questions regarding the game.

Final Fantasy XV

Several aspects of the game and the industry as a whole were discussed, but below I’ve highlighted a couple segments of the interview for you to check out.

First up the interviewer asked Tabata about the series’ barrier of entry and how it kind of keeps some people from avoiding the series entirely:

“I really am very aware, and very much focused, on that idea that we’ve got to cater to the existing Final Fantasy fans and please them, that’s a given, but we really want to make the game much more accessible. So it’s a system that people can get into and understand. There’s not as many barriers there, so it can really appeal to a wide audience… the whole design process of the game we really are aware of that idea.”

He also delves into the game’s story and how he, first and foremost, wants that aspect of the game to be excellent:

“More than anything I really want people to say about XV that it had a great story. So the way I look at implementing the story and telling the story through the game… that’s the first priority really: getting it so the story feels good and it’s a great experience to have. So regardless of length that’s more important, that it’s a great story.

My ultimate dream for this would be if people say, “It’s such a great world and a great story that I don’t want to see it end!” And if people can express that kind of feeling towards it then I’ll feel I’ve done my job and I’ll be very happy with that.”

Final Fantasy XV has a lot to live up to with the quality of the series’ past, like the golden years of Final Fantasy VI straight through to X. Ever since that point (which has been a while), the series has definitely lost its way in being able to offer both a cast of great characters and a great story for them to get wrapped up in. While the Operation Duscae demo didn’t give us any idea in terms of the story, I was already liking the cast more than what I had experienced with the most recent games in the series. Tabata really seems like he’s committed to making this another great Final Fantasy game, and I hope beyond belief that he succeeds.

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